Immigration is the Key to Winning the White House in 2016

Based on the results from New Hampshire one thing is clear, populism is in full swing. Americans have rejected the establishment. They are in favor of Cruz, Trump and Rubio on the right and Sanders on the left. Americans are tired of having jobs outsourced, of trade deals that don’t benefit America the way they should, and of politicians that won’t acknowledge the threat coming from some in the Islamic world. More than any other issue however, immigration is the issue which unites the American working class.

Americans are tired of an immigration system which does not benefit America. Trump has made this a cornerstone of his campaign, and by doing so he has won Reagan democrats to his side. Cruz as well has stood strong in opposing Obama’s executive amnesty, as well as  opposing a pathway to citizenship for those illegally in this country. In doing so, he has rallied Steve King, a key pro-American immigration advocate to his team.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump oppose Muslim immigration from countries controlled by terrorists, with Cruz calling for no immigration from countries controlled by Islamist terrorists and no Syrian refugees. Donald Trump has called for a temporary halt to Muslim immigration to America.

While pundits worry and voices of condemnation pile up, 2/3 of GOP voters in New Hampshire support this idea. Marco Rubio as well has opposed the idea of admitting Syrian Muslim refugees on the ground that they cannot be properly vetted. What does this show? The American right and patriotic people all over America are opposed to a flow of Syrian refugees who include potential terrorists and other subversive Islamist elements.  For while Americans are not prejudice, neither are they self-destructive.

The time has come for enforcement of immigration laws, a halt to the Muslim refugee flow, and an immigration system that keeps American safety as the number one priority. The winner of the GOP primary can unite the country behind a pro-America immigration policy and a resounding no to open borders and immigration policies which hurt the American worker.


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