Ted Cruz Attends Presidential Forum at Regent University

Ted Cruz has just finished speaking at Regent University. Cruz was the fourth installment in Regent University’s Presidential Forum series.

Then republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who has since suspended his campaign was the first to speak last fall, followed shortly after by Ohio governor and republican presidential candidate John Kasich. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was the third, who spoke yesterday, February 25th. Dr. Ben Carson will be speaking Monday, February 29. All republican and democratic presidential candidate have been invited to speak at Regent University.

I attended Bush’s event last follow and all of the forums follow a similar format. The candidates are introduced by Dr. Jay Sekulow who is on Regent University’s board of trustees and also received his Ph.D. from Regent. The candidate then gives a short address followed by an interview with Dr. Robertson, the event ends with a Q&A period of previously screened questions from the audience which ae asked by Dr. Sekulow.

Senator Cruz began his address by referencing the recent death of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. He died the death of Justice Scalia in throughout his speech promising to appoint justices who would uphold the Constitution. Senator Cruz also promised that one of his first acts as president would be to rescind by executive order, every unconstitutional executive order that was instituted by President Obama. Cruz also made clear his desire to abolish the IRS.

During his interview, Dr. Robertson discussed with him more of his views on foreign policy issues, such as how he would handle the current situation concerning Iran’s nuclear weapons. Questions from the audience included questions concerning the VA debacle, the Planned Parenthood debacle, and the economy.

Regent University has shown impartiality and encouraged free thought and discussion by inviting all candidates, republican and democrat alike to speak.



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