Indiana is Sixth State to Stick it to Obama

Convention of States Project activists delivered an incredible victory in the Indiana House on Monday evening, making the Hoosier state the sixth to officially RSVP for this historic event. The COSP resolution, which was passed by a 61-36 margin, seeks to undo much of the damage to the constitutional structure that President Obama and the federal government have created over the past several years.

“Congratulations to Indiana on becoming the sixth state to pass the Convention of States resolution to reclaim state power,” said Mark Meckler, President of Citizens for Self-Governance and co-founder of the Convention of States Project. “Our team in The Hoosier State did a fantastic job, and I’m honored to work with such dedicated patriots. The federal government derives its power from the people and the states, and today marks another step towards reinstating that authority.”

Under an Article V Convention, the several states can meet to propose fiscal restraints on the federal government, term limits for federal officials, and other measures that would limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, the three areas that are called for in COSP’s resolution.

COSP Indiana State Director, Diane Gomez said, “The Indiana legislature has made history today. Wisdom and the Constitution have prevailed. We the people have the right to propose amendments to limit the federal government at the state level. It’s time the people have their say.”

Indiana joins Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Alaska, and Georgia, with legislation pending in 30 other states this year. Once 34 states pass identical resolutions, the convention will be called, and state legislatures will send commissioners to hammer out reforms that will rebalance America’s constitutional structure.

House Sponsor Eric Koch said, “Article V is the tool given to the state legislatures by the Founders to use in the event the Federal government exceeded its authority and put the nation in jeopardy. They were wise in their foresight.  Washington will not fix itself, and we have the obligation to act.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Sen. Marco Rubio, and economist Thomas Sowell recently announced their support for the movement, which has over one million supporters nationwide.


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