The GOP Winning isn’t More Important Than the Conservative Movement

It is no surprise that Donald Trump’s candidacy has eliminated any chance this year had at normalcy. However, politics has always been this convoluted, people have always been this stupid, and freedom has always been this unpopular. The only significant difference between this election and those before it is the lengths people are willing to go to in order to bring down the establishment. A rather telling  quote from a Donald Trump supporter illustrates this point,

“Nationalism is the new thing, man. I just kind of want to watch the establishment burn. What’s the point of being conservative anymore? It’s a failing ideology.”

This year’s presidential election has striking similarities to those small town elections we hear about from time to time, where the people are so fed up with the system that they elect a goat as the mayor just to make a point. The vast majority of American voters are fully aware that Donald Trump is a snake whose political affiliations are as malleable as Hillary Clinton’s own, yet the fact that he’s considered an “outsider” has compelled them to continue supporting him, regardless of his true intentions. It takes a special kind of idiocy to believe that the utter annihilation of the current political system will, in any way, improve the condition of the American people.

Oftentimes in their ramblings concerning the many failures of the establishment, Trump supporters complain about how “nothing gets done,” these days. However, it is significantly better to have a deadlocked government, incapable of bringing about meaningful change, than an unpredictable Trump administration actively destroying freedom and American leadership on the international stage. One must only glance at the man’s tweets to know that he should not be allowed on the Internet, let alone allowed to make decisions which will affect the entire world.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

Imagine how amusing his tweets about various world leaders would be. While he’s certainly entertaining, it is evident that Trump’s political ideology is nothing more than a joke. So, we wonder, when will the people of this country finally recognize that Trump’s “policies” are insubstantial and entirely harmful to American interests? The answer: they won’t. At least, after he’s been in office for a year and is being investigated for abusing his position for personal gain. Or maybe when they’ve lost their jobs as a result of his first trade war with Mexico and China. Or perhaps when Muslim Americans have already been rounded up and tagged like animals, and the same thing begins to happen to people of their own Protestant faith. Or maybe they’ll realize how terrible the Donald is once he’s “opened up the libel laws,” and has embarked on a campaign of censorship and is waging war on first amendment rights. Or maybe they won’t recognize his destructive tendencies at all. If anything has come out of this year’s election thus far, it is a new understanding of how stupid the American people truly are.

After every fact has consistently pointed to the truth that Trump should never be allowed to hold public office, his poll numbers continue to rise. Despite the public opposition of every educated conservative to Trump’s ridiculous policies, his popularity is unharmed. I am resigned to the truth that rational and logical decision-making skills are entirely lacking among Trump supporters. Most of us didn’t realize how serious Trump’s candidacy had become until it was almost too late to stop him from clinching the GOP nomination. Democracy has always been dangerous. There have always been politicians with ill-intent. There has always been an uneducated, fanatic majority to support those politicians. However, there has also always been a small portion of the population willing to fight for freedom. Those of us who are aware of the consequences that will follow his tyrannical regime must take it upon ourselves to prevent his presidency. How this will be accomplished is unclear, though a few facts are apparent:
A.) Republicans living in the states yet to hold primaries must vote for the candidate who is either polling ahead of Trump, or if he’s in first, the candidate closest to him in the polls. This means those in Florida must vote for Marco Rubio, those in Ohio should vote for Kasich, and so on. These votes must be cast regardless of personal preferences, in order to stop Trump from garnering the required number of delegates necessary to have the GOP nomination in the bag. If this strategy fails, we turn to plan B.
B.) In this eventuality, Trump has the nomination. Assuming Hillary hasn’t been indicted yet, she’s his most likely competition. At this point, it is crucial for conservatives to abandon this infiltrated Republican Party, as it clearly no longer represents their interests. Many Republicans I’ve spoken to on this have said that they will support Trump, simply for the sake of party politics. We cannot allow this passive attitude to prevail in the general election. Rather, we must vote for Hillary. (I know, I know, you cannot imagine voting for the enemy you’ve been taught to hate above all others. I get it.) It is critical that conservatives adopt the Hamilton Rule, based on Alexander Hamilton’s influential decision to ensure Thomas Jefferson won the presidency instead of his own party’s candidate, John Adams, in the election of 1800.

“If we must have an enemy at the head of government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.” -Alexander Hamilton

Here’s a brilliant article concerning this subject.
In light of these considerations, we must decide if we will allow petty party allegiances to determine our vote, or whether we will fight to prevent a presidency that has the greatest destructive potential of any other option. If Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, I will be voting for whomever the Democratic nominee is. One victory for the Republican Party is not worth obliterating the principles on which it was established, as will happen if we allow Donald Trump to win the presidency. In this instance, a Democratic victory means conservatism will live to fight another day. This year, we may have to lose the battle in order to win the war.


3 thoughts on “The GOP Winning isn’t More Important Than the Conservative Movement

  1. “Rather, we must vote for Hillary.”

    A “conservative movement” that can only survive by actively voting for Hillary is neither conservative, nor deserves to live.

    A new breed of American nationalism is a more than fitting replacement for the modern inept “conservative” who weeps at the notion that a journalist may be held as liable for fraud and lies as the common man; who degrades Christianity into a cult obsessed with only the matters that Christ never taught; who insist cutting trade deals, the same sort peddled by Obama, with nations infamous for cheap labor somehow hurts our employment; who insist to ignore the realities of Arabic culture in its current state and its strong propensity for brewing violent extremism lest they be called “Islamaphobic”.

    The Republican Party, these “conservatives” as you call them, is diseased.

    There is no value in saving it. It had its chance to demonstrate worth and its epitome of such was a man who should be known in death only for two words: “Iran-Contra”.

    And that is exactly why I’m supporting Trump, the extinction of RINOs needs to be expedited.


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