The Case For Ted Cruz

For years Republicans have felt the establishment has sold them out. Whether on immigration, The Iran Deal, Obamacare or a host of other important issues the voters have felt the establishment has surrendered Obama’s agenda instead 0f standing for Reagan conservatism.  Ted Cruz has proven he is conservative and has stayed conservative not morphed into a Washington insider. He has shown that he is someone those who are tired of establishment back room deals and games can unite behind.

On Obamacare he vowed to those who voted for him as Senator in Texas to defeat Obamacare and to oppose its implementation. As promised he put up a tremendous battle to stop Obamacare which many in the tea party and grassroots favored. Instead of acquiescing to the left-wing agenda and Obamacare like some in what he calls the “Washington Cartel” he put up tremendous opposition and showed his constituents that he follows through.

On amnesty he recognizes the importance of the rule of law as well as secure borders. He has consistently opposed amnesty standing with Senator Jeff Sessions as well as Senator Steve King two senators who are known for their advocacy of a pro-American immigration policy. He has proved his credentials in this during the so-called Gang Of Eight battle. Grassroots activists and conservatives for the most part believe in secure borders and immigration policies which favor American workers not those who violate American sovereignty. Senator Cruz has shown this issue including opposing Obama’s executive pro amnesty orders is something he is passionate about.

Finally on the Iran deal the Senator has said “from day one he will tear the Iran deal into shreds.” Furthermore he has shown he favors national security over the Obama/Kerry Iran deal which allows a major state sponsor of Islamic terrorism access to a tremendous amount of money which they potentially could use for terrorism. Cruz has consistently shown strength to Iran in the Senate and opposes efforts which could weaken the national security of America and its allies. He has rallied on Capitol Hill with  Tea Party groups in opposing the Iran deal and has made clear he will stand strong against the threat of violent Islamic groups and those who sponsor them.

Whether on immigration, Obamacare or the Iran Deal Ted Cruz has shown he is a true conservative and one who can effectively make the intellectual case for conservatism. Grassroots voices like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin as well as Senator Steve King have lined up behind his campaign. Now that he is riding some momentum the case can be made the Republican party has a candidate who is a true conservative in every sense of the word.


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