From An Ohioan: Kasich Needs to Drop Out

One wonders why John Kasich is even bothering to stay in the presidential race as he is continues to struggle. Even in his own state, and other areas where he should be doing well he struggles.

Kasich was not even able to get enough signatures in order to get himself on the Pennsylvania ballot. Kasich is only on the ballot due to a technicality and a judge who deiced he was going to ignore the rules. The irony of Kasich’s failures is that Pennsylvania, similar to Michigan and Ohio, is supposedly the area of the country in which Kasich is supposedly relatable. Nonetheless he is not doing well in these states.

According to the Resurgent:

Kasich called Michigan a must win then lost it in third place. It is an open question whether or not he can win Ohio.

So it is a question as to whether or not Kasich can even win Ohio, and if you can’t get the support of your own state, then there is little hope of achieving the presidency.

Not only is Ohio, questionable and he already lost Michigan, but technically he shouldn’t even be on the ballot in PA according to the Resurgent:

And now Pennsylvania should be off the table. He is staying on the ballot because of a technicality and a judge, not because he actually complied with the rules.

If Kasich is doing this poorly in the part of the country where he is supposedly relatable, then he is going to do even worse in areas of the country where he is even less well liked that his own state, and those surrounding.

According to the Resurgent:

There is no way he is going to be the nominee. At this point, he is just helping Trump.

Trump is not the best option for our country right now and if Kasich truly wants to do what is best for the country, the best thing he can do right now is to drop out of the race.

It’s almost as if Kasich is blinded by his own stubborn pride. Kasich needs to smell the coffee if you will. Kasich needs to understand that if he lacks this much support on his own turf, he is going to do even wore in other states. If Kasich continues in this race for much longer he is proving that he doesn’t care about what is right for America, but only of obtaining the power of the presidency.



One thought on “From An Ohioan: Kasich Needs to Drop Out

  1. He won oh and still needs t o get his as s out.He has no chance of winning anything else.No reason for him to remain unless he wants Clinton as the the next President.


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