Your Body . . . Shame off You!

I heard a conversation the other day that alarmed me greatly. These bigger girls were talking bad about skinny women. They were calling them anorexic and stating only dogs go for bones. They also say, real women have curves.

This cannot be further from the truth. All women are real women. Since when is it okay to call smaller women anorexic, or tell them they should eat a cheeseburger? Did it not occur to them that a lot of thinner women are naturally that way? I have known a few women in my lifetime that could eat 4,000 calories a day and not work out and still be small. I’ve known others who just like to work out and want to be active and fit. There is nothing wrong with that.

At the same time, it is equally wrong for thinner women to bash and judge overweight women. It is wrong to bash an overweight woman because she wants to wear something that makes her feel good. It is just as judgmental as skinny shaming. I have seen video on Youtube of people making fun of overweight women at the gym. This is completely unacceptable, at least those women are doing something about it and trying to get healthier. Some of these women are trying desperately to lose weight with no success. Some even go to the lengths of starving themselves in hopes to lose weight. In other words, being mean and judgmental goes both ways.

To the women who claim that real women have curves, there is a difference between having curves and being morbidly obese. Sure there are genetic conditions and other factors which can cause a woman to be overweight or obese, but when your lunch consists of four double cheeseburgers, two large fries, a supersize soda, and a large milk shake, there is something wrong.

To those who fall in this category, maybe they should eat a few less cheeseburgers. Obesity is not cool and it’s not healthy. I am saying all of this as an overweight man. I have been struggling with weight for a long time now. I don’t glorify my size, because being overweight does not feel good, and it has nothing to do with body image. Even more important than size is the health aspect. It is possible for a thinner woman to be less healthy than an overweight woman and vice versa.

A study was done recently where a doctor removed the heart of someone who died at too young of an age. That person was extremely overweight, the heart was covered in fat, inside and out. Having that much fat around your heart can squeeze it and eventually cause a heart attack. There are so many health complications with being morbidly obese, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Being healthy is crucial.

Let’s dive into another area of this debate. Some guys like thinner girls, and are turned off by larger women. These women tell these men that they are superficial and that they should accept all women for who they are, not for what their size is. This is very true. However, there is a huge double standard. A man is expected to be in shape, have a great job, and make lots of money. A lot of fit women wouldn’t even look twice at a large man, claiming he is lazy, unattractive, or a slob. Sounds judgmental right? That’s because it is. A lot of women expect men to love them just for who they are, without any respect to appearance, but won’t do the same for men. On top of that, since when was it acceptable calling men who like skinny women dogs?

Let’s try this idea on for size (no pun intended). Everyone has preferences. Some men like fit or small women, some like average, and some like larger. The same goes for women. Some women like fit guys, some like average, some like large. Instead of judging people on their appearance regardless of size, we let people like who they like.


One thought on “Your Body . . . Shame off You!

  1. If we all liked one kind of person then that one person would be in high demand.

    Then again, the ‘I need to feel good about myself’ crowd no matter what their choices needs to be put down with the rest of PC bull. Everyone is different, but choosing to be as unhealthy as possible because it’s convenient isn’t a decision that should be coddled.

    Hey fatty! Get up and work out! Step away from the snack bar! I can say this as a person who has lived their life with those challenges.


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