The Folly of Anti-Trump Protests Explained

After what happened in Chicago a week or so ago, the effectiveness of anti-Trump protests should be called into question. Not because the protests are inherently bad. And certainly not because of “free speech.” But because of its results. A protest is meant to voice opposition, hopefully stopping some form of injustice, legislation, or action. Unfortunately, the opposite has occurred.

Instead of keeping those on the fence from supporting Trump, it’s driven more into his arms. The main group behind these anti-Trump protests are leftwing. They’re used to utilizing large-scale, and sometimes provocative, protests. The protests being used against Trump are typical leftwing tactics. However, they’ve never dealt with someone quite like him.

In the past, these demonstrations would threaten the target while evoking sympathy with those on the fence. Anti-Trump protests are having the opposite effect, thanks to Trump’s own tactics. Trump utilizes provocative language and behavior to get media attention and win over Americans who’ve felt ignored by “the establishment.”

Trump paints himself as an anti-establishment candidate. His followers see him as one.

This is another problem the anti-Trump protesters are facing. These leftwing groups are used to being the outsiders. They’re used to fighting against establishment forces. This time, they’re fighting a candidate who identifies as anti-establishment. Since his supporters see him as one, they view any attack on him from third parties as coming from the establishment.

It’s a backfire effect. Trumpites see themselves as anti-establishment, and any attack on them or their leader is viewed as confirmation that they are on the right path. Anti-Trump protesters are strengthening Trumpites belief in their leader. Groups like and other organizations backing anti-Trump protests are misunderstanding the effectiveness of Trump’s confrontational strategy.

Confrontation is how Trump’s garnered support, media coverage, and poll numbers. It’s how he’s branded himself as anti-establishment and anti-political correctness. It’s how he’s sounded more human than the polished politicians on stage.

Trump’s middle finger attitude and business savvy image is what voters decided they want.

He plays to the angry frustrated American who’s seen their jobs taken overseas, their nation invaded by illegals, and their government bogged down with inaction. Protests won’t harm the image Trump’s created for himself. Protests work against polished politicians. They don’t work against off-the-cuff, aggressive agitators. Protests are supposed to agitate people against a person or persons who loath agitation. Protests won’t work against an individual who uses it as a part of their presidential race.

Lastly, who thought a bunch of leftists demonstrating against a republican (and I say “republican” in the most sarcastic way possible) presidential candidate would be able to convince republicans not to support him? Someone didn’t think through that one.



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