Impact of Islamist Belgium Attack On Elections

By now it has sadly become clear that Islamic radicalism poses a clear and present danger to the Western World. In the aftermath of the most recent Islamist caused bloodbath it is clear where the candidates and on this critical issue. This issue should be a defining one for the election as security is the primary responsibility of the federal government. As a result Clinton, Sanders and Kasich are of the list of those who feel Islamist terrorism should be confronted and the threat should be called out.

In the aftermath of the brutal attack in Belgium Clinton was quick to lecture against judging all Muslims. Instead of calling on Muslims to reign in the evil in their midst Clinton like Obama and much of the left was lecturing Westerns who live in fear of terrorist attacks. Clinton has refused to even acknowledge the problem with the current vetting process of Muslim refugees and has called for an increase in Syrian refugees. Among the Paris terrorists was someone who came in as a Syrian refugee and among the Brussels attackers at least one is said to be a Syrian refugee. It is simply irresponsible in light of the risk to the West to continue to admit Muslim refugees yet Clinton is for an increase.

Bernie Sanders continually speaks of not demonizing Muslims but it is not demonizing to call for a halt in Muslim refugees when they cannot be properly vetted and pose a threat to the very survival of the West as we know it. Despite this like many on the far left Sanders sees this as bigotry instead of common sense security. He is not an option for those concerned about what Frank Gaffney calls civilizational Jihad or Islamization of the West.

Finally despite having a good track record on other issues Kasich has shown ignorance at times in his view of the Islamist threat. He has downplayed the large Islamist population and pretends like the left that this has little to do with Islam itself. He seems to speak in platitudes and avoids the topic of limiting or ending Muslim refugee admittance to the US. On immigration in general he speaks in emotional terms instead of reality based. While well meaning he is wrong on Muslim immigration and naive on the role of Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia in fermenting terrorism.

The remaining two candidates in the Republican field Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have had a consistent approach to the threat from Radical Islamists and have called for not admitting Syrian refugees. Trump has called for a ban on Muslim immigration something I feel has greatly helped his campaign. For while in my estimation Ted Cruz is a more knowledgable candidate on foreign policy Trump’s frankness on the Islamist threat through immigration has been a healthy addition to the national security debate.

It is incumbent upon our country to avoid electing Clinton. Obama has shown political correctness puts security at risk. America should not put political correctness before safety. Its time to elect someone who will stand up to the Islamist threat, end Muslim refugee programs and fight wars to win instead of engaging in Islamic nation building. This is a vital issue in this coming election and one which the candidates have very different approaches to. Lets put national security and sovereignty before politics.




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