If Trump wins the GOP nomination, the party may split

The Trump phenomenon has been sweeping the nation. Each state primary keeps showing an alarming trend: Trump keeps winning. There are many groups who are excited at the prospect of Donald Trump being elected the next President of the United States, and an equal number who absolutely dread the idea.

With that being said, there is one large and powerful group in particular that does not want Trump in the White House. That group is the Republican Party. The Republican establishment has shown a tremendous dislike for Trump. With the Republican National Convention only a few months away, something has to be done. Or does it? As of right now, Donald Trump is the likely candidate to receive the number of delegates needed in order to win the Republican nomination.

The biggest fear from the establishment is that if Trump were to be elected president, that it would be the death of the Republican Party for a very long time, if not for good. There are a few options for the Republican Party at this time. The best option would be to host a brokered convention come. A brokered convention simply means that none of the candidates have secured the needed 1,237 delegates to secure the nomination. The Republican Party would then have the chance to select a nominee who best reflects the party’s core values.

One such candidate who has been brought up is Mitt Romney. There has been talk of the Republican Party trying to convince Romney to accept a nomination at a potential brokered convention. This would (hypothetically) be Romney’s third attempt at a presidential run after failing to secure the nomination in 2008 and failing to win the 2012 election against the incumbent, President Obama.

Another option that has been mentioned recently is a very interesting one. There have been rumors about the GOP possibly forming a third party in order to stop Trump. The way this would work is that the GOP would give Trump the nomination. They would then form a third party and then rally behind a nominee in that third party. Their hope would be that they could convince the people to rally around this third party candidate instead of Donald Trump. This talk has even sparked a rise in support behind Gary Johnson, a Libertarian candidate who is now actually polling in the double digits.

The situation with the 2016 Republican Party nomination process is clear evidence of dysfunction and division within the party. To put it simply, the Republican Party no longer represents the will of right-leaning Americans, and Trump is feeding off of this. In a sense, the establishment Republican Party is directly responsible for the massive following Trump is garnering.

Is Trump right for America as our future president? Probably not. Should the Republican Party do whatever it takes to stop Trump? That is the million dollar question that has yet to be answered.



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