The Downfall of Rush Limbaugh for “Minimizing the Damage” Done By Trump

Ray Zalinsky, the auto parts king in the 1995 comedy Tommy Boy starring Chris Farley and David Spade, provided all posterity with the lone valid bit of wisdom of the entire film.

“What the American public doesn’t know, is what makes them the American public.”

Rush Limbaugh, a close friend to Donald Trump as well as his golfing buddy, not only is an unofficial Trump surrogate, he practically admits he has sold out in order that he might cash in.

His explanation, however, is the most crucial to ascertain: Trump is thought to be an “ignoramus”. In the process, he bullied a caller yesterday from Mike in Columbia, South Carolina frustrated over his frequent shilling.

“Hey, Rush. I’ve been listening to you for a long time, and you’ve always said you would just be objective, not endorse candidates, not take sides. [B]ut, Rush, come on, being objective here, I look to you as a source of common sense, and it just seems to me you’re just making — Rush, you practically spent the last hour and a half just trying to explain this thing and slice it and dice it 87 ways to Sunday.”

Between his attempt to intimidate Mike through screaming while insisting he had refused to answer his question (for which Mike most assuredly did not duck Limbaugh), what little credibility remained with Limbaugh died with his attempt to salvage even during Mike’s phone call the Trump meltdown on MSNBC. More and more loyal callers upset over his coverage of Republican front-runner Donald Trump are turning on him for insulting the most intelligent generation of American conservatives on record — for which he himself has played an enormous role and should be credited accordingly.

Limbaugh even admits lying on behalf of Trump to bamboozle his supporters to rally behind his friend because he himself is aware Trump is incompetent — Rush even admits he desperately tries “to bend and shape” Trump’s commentary and platform wherever he can. The amazing detail is not that Limbaugh acknowledged his role as Trump’s greatest enabler, he screamed at Mike because he called him on it.

Limbaugh even acknowledges what we know to be true of Donald Trump: he is incompetent, ignorant, flawed — and then slipped up towards the end of the phone conversation (which was really one long, bitter shouting match Limbaugh lost through his wailing away with wild accusations) when he admitted Trump supporters are as dumb as Democrats are with Barack Obama.

Limbaugh directly admitted he attempts to “try to bend and shape” his words in order to defeat Hillary Clinton. He is not concerned that Donald Trump may become the Republican nominee for the presidency — except that he is, because, in his own words, he is only concerned with defeating Hillary Clinton.

Rush Limbaugh’s own words were he is there to aid Trump, to “limit the damage”. And how did he fare limiting Trump’s damage? By condemning and in the process, mocking the caller for failing to “expand the way you’re looking at this a bit” for moment in analyzing the apolitical Trump, all the time yelling, twisting and screaming in a manner I have never before listened out of him behind the golden microphone of the EIB Radio Network — and I listened to Limbaugh for the very first time in middle school.

At the very end, all he could manage to end the conversation with — and his 27 year relationship with his loyal listener (“dittohead”) from Columbia, South Carolina — was the Democrats were reenergized and the Republicans, doomed, all because of Trump in his interview with Chris Matthews had destroyed any chance his de facto “endorsed” candidate had at defeating Hillary Clinton and liberalism, not to reigniting the promise of America.

Limbaugh never once revisited whether he believed Cruz was electable, much less could win the nomination. He never described his position on the pending open convention in July.

Thus, if the Democrats are moribund, Rush Limbaugh’s career as the excellence in broadcasting advancing conservatism over liberalism is the latest coldest cadaver in the morgue.

Why then would Rush Limbaugh “sell out” in six months? Because he thought he himself could get Trump elected by “minimizing the damage” even as he is well aware Trump is unelectable, that he has fed the beast?

Maybe now, Limbaugh can turn his attention from behind the golden microphone to the Reaganite candidate Ted Cruz, who is well-capable of destroying both Trump and Hillary Clinton — or rather, he just doesn’t want to ruin free rounds of golf with “The Donald” at one of his world class resorts.



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