Hillary’s Biggest Weakness is Trump’s Strength

As part of her façade of pretending to be the ultimate feminist, and thereby gain the female vote, Hillary Clinton recently made a typical feminist, man-hating remark. Clinton remarked that she can’t handle men that “go off the reservation” according to the Daily Caller.

It is here that Clinton unknowingly revealed her biggest weakness: men. Trump recognized this weakness immediately and used it to his advantage.

According to the Daily Caller:

Trump responded swiftly and astoundingly by doing something no politician has done in recent memory: play the man card.

‘Hillary Clinton is being very nasty to men,’ he shot back. Already acutely aware that that Hillary has man troubles, Trump sought to further burnish the suspicion that she doesn’t prioritize men like she does women on the brains of the already suspicious blue collar voter. Whether it was true or not, Trump demonstrated that he was, in fact, serious about defending them.


It seems that the tables have turned in the battle of the sexes and it is now the men who are the ones who feel oppressed and victimized and often not without good cause thanks to our current man-hating culture created by modern liberal feminism.

Author and Fox News political analyst, Andrea Tantaros says as much in her latest for the Daily Caller:

By society’s standards they have become our cultural punching bags. Television shows have portrayed men as the doofus dad since the days of Al Bundy to the Family Guy. Commercials always seem to illustrate a scenario where the guy can’t log onto the wifi without instruction from his wife or kid or one where he can’t figure out the directions in the car while his put-together wife navigates in a suit, implying she works and he doesn’t. The feminist pursuit to tear down the patriarchy gave birth to a subtle brainwashing that men weren’t necessary — to women, to families or to society.

Forget women, there’s a full blown war on men. One that many columnists, pundits, and pollsters didn’t see coming because they never engage with the construction worker who is building their new deck or the repairman who is fixing their jacuzzi.


Whether he is sincere or not, Trump has presented himself as someone who will fight for the modern man in today’s culture of man-hating liberal feminism. Trump is the Susan B. Anthony of today’s culture for the men who feel oppressed, victimized and emasculated by today’s culture. These men see Trump as a leader and a uniting figure around which they can unite and someone who will call out the man-hating feminists of today like Clinton.





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