What Do You Know About Gary Johnson?

In light of Donald Trump being the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, #NeverTrump advocates have found they really didn’t have anyone to support. Enter Gary Johnson, a two-time former governor of New Mexico. Gary Johnson is running for President as a Libertarian. Currently, there are three Libertarian Primary Candidates; Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John MacAfee. Currently, Gary Johnson seems the likely front runner for the Libertarian Party nomination. People may say that the country is not ready for a third party President. That may be true, but with the state of politics in this nation, it may not be that far off. America is tired of the two party system and a third party candidate is becoming more and more attractive to voters who feel the current system no longer represents them.

Gary Johnson graduated from the University of New Mexico in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. Fast forward some time. In 1994 He ran for the office of Governor for New Mexico as a Republican. He even spent over $500,000 of his own money to enter the gubernatorial race. He won that election and ended up being reelected in 1998, serving a total of 8 years as governor. A little known fact about Gary Johnson is that in 2003, he climbed Mount Everest. This makes Gary Johnson the only Presidential candidate in history to successfully reach the summit of the world’s highest mountain peak. Not only did he climb Mount Everest, which is a feat itself, he did so with a broken leg. Later on, in 2012, Gary Johnson won the Libertarian nomination for President, but only received .99 percent of the popular vote. This was still the most a Libertarian candidate had ever won. In January 2016, he decided to run for the Libertarian Party for President this November.

As far as the issues, Gary Johnson aligns pretty well with the Libertarian Party. When it comes to abortion, Gary Johnson repeatedly supported a woman’s right to choose until the unborn baby becomes viable. Gary Johnson is against bank bailouts, farm subsidies, and economic stimulus. When it comes to the Second Amendment, Gary Johnson believes in the very strict interpretation of the second Amendment, and very much opposes gun control. He believes the Federal Reserve should be ended, but that is only part of the solution and wont completely fix the problem. Johnson supports abolishing the IRS and instituting the Fair Tax, a consumption based tax, where everyone pays their fair share of taxes, but only on what they consume, not what they earn. He also supports abolishing corporate income tax as a means to create more jobs. When it comes to the issue of immigration, Johnson believes in open borders. He believes in amnesty for some, and not for all. However, he also believes current immigration laws need to be actively enforced. Gary Johnson also believes in completely replacing Obamacare with a free market based health care option, with some restrictions to protect the consumer. Johnson is a big proponent of term limits for Governors and Congress. On the issue of Education, Gary Johnson strongly opposes Common Core, and also wants to abolish the Department of Education. An interesting position of his is that student loans should be abolished, as they drive up the cost of tuition. When it comes to drugs, he wants to end the war on drugs and focus more on rehab than imprisonment, as well as making marijuana legal nationwide. When it comes to gay rights and gay marriage, Gary Johnson supports getting the government out of marriage all together. He supports equal rights for members of the LGBT community.

Gary Johnson is a very viable candidate. However, America just might not be ready for a Libertarian Candidate, yet. Gary Johnson recently polled in the double digits when polled against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (Monmouth Presidential Primary Poll Results, March 24, 2016). It appears the NeverTrump campaign is getting more and more support as more people discover they more align with the Libertarian Party. One day, we may see a Libertarian in office, but that likely will not happen this year.


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