The War On Men

From politics to pop culture the war on men is in full-swing. Yet the agenda that right-wing conservative politics are waging a war on women  which is non-existent is continually being pushed by the left-wing media outlets and the Hilary Clinton presidential campaign.

The irony of this situation is that the non-existent war on women supposedly being waged by right-wing republican men is constantly being pushed on us by the left-wing politics, but in fact if anyone is waging a war on women it is left-wing politics and media, often times women themselves, and it is conservative republican men, those who are supposedly waging a war on women, who stand up for women on both the left and right and call out the double standard of liberal politics. The second irony of this situation is that the war on men is very real and is mainly being waged by women in left-wing politics, the very same people who accuse conservative, republican men of waging a fake war on women. Lastly, it is largely conservative republican women, who call out those who are waging the war on men, and point out the double standard of left wing politics. The pattern here is that those on the right hold themselves to a standard and call out the wrongs and inconsistencies of the other side no matter what, whereas those on the left are pushing an agenda, and thus pick and choose what they point out based on whether or not it furthers or harms there agenda.

The feminist movement originally began because women felt oppressed and superior to men in many ways. While I believe that the feminist movement has done much good for women, it has now spiraled out of control and has done more harm to society than good.

The feminist movement is no longer about pulling women out of oppression it is about suppressing men, in which I believe it has largely succeeded. It seems now that the tables have turned in the battle of the sexes and the men are the ones now who feel oppressed and victimized.

One of the major contributing factors to this “anti-male” mentality is Hollywood. If you’ve ever watched shows like Everybody Loves Raymond,” sure those shows are funny, but they generally make dad out to be a dofus, who screws everything up, and then mom comes into save him. Even some of the older television shows such as “Father Knows Best” or “Leave It to Beaver” portray men in this demeaning fashion.

Even in politics we see evidence of this “anti-male” mentality. For example the pro-choicers, are all about “her body, her choice” when it comes to abortion but give no thought to what the father of the child would want. This is ironic considering that more often than not the father is probably going to encourage her to have the abortion, this tends to be especially true if the couple is not married.

The feminist movement began with the right for women to vote, and the 19th Amendment was passed in 1920. Here we are almost a hundred years later and we are witnessing a full-fledged war on men being waged, by today’s feminist, I somehow doubt Susan B. Anthony had this in mind.



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