Conservatives Will Lose The Transgender Issue Just Like They Lost Gay Marriage

Time after time, it’s the same old thing. A group emerges clamoring for their piece of equality under the law. And all you have to do is count to five for conservatives to jump into the ring. Conservatives will call them a perversion of nature, a mental disorder, or an erosion of America’s moral fabric. Each new cultural shift is another excuse for conservatives to rant about moral erosion and the poisoning of their Christian-Judeo nation. Unfortunately for them, they’ve forgotten that America doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to all Americans. This transgender bathroom issue is another cultural shift.

What’s “acceptable” is slowly moving away from Christian morals, toward secularism. Whether this change is good or bad is to be determined, but what you can be sure of is that conservatives will lose the shift. Conservatives respond to cultural change in the worst ways. They react, fight, and rail against it. Their efforts are focused on what they’re against, not what they’re for. And the same tactics that left them defeated in the gay marriage debacle are being used in the trans debate. Here’s what I’m talking about…

They’re Fighting Against a People, a Lifestyle

Fight against humans, and you’ll have other humans come to their aid. Most people don’t like being a part of a movement that attacks under-privileged groups. Especially if the movement doing it is already viewed as bigoted. Conservatives are viewed as bigots, and they don’t even try to prove their critics wrong.

How many conservatives know a transgender? How many of them have talked to one? How many understand the problems transgender people go through? Other Americans have. And when you fight against transgender people you’re also fighting against everyone who understands what they’ve gone through. To them, you’re an ignorant Bible-thumping Christian. You’ve lost the battle for the mind before the real fight started.

They’re Rhetoric is Subpar at Best

Thanks to many conservatives’ ignorance on transgender issues, their language is very black and white. It’s cold. It’s heartless. Why do you feel the need to call being transgender a mental disorder? Will it convince them and their allies that you’re right? I doubt it. “It’s the truth, though.” Oh, I forgot it’s ok to say whatever you want as long as you clarify that “it’s true.”

Speaking (your idea of what’s) the truth isn’t enough. The underlining message needs to be attractive and relatable to them. If your message is offensive and harsh don’t expect to win anyone over. Unfortunately for conservatives, traditional morals imposed via the state isn’t attractive anymore. Too bad.

They’ve Tried this Before With Gay Marriage

Remember when gay marriage was still up in the wind? You know, before the government (the same one conservatives would use to prohibit gay marriage) decided gays should marry. Yeah, that was only a year or two ago. Before that I remember all you conservatives clamoring for how it was a perversion of nature and God’s intentions for marriage. I guess no one cared about that, except for you. And you know what conservatives said about gay marriage being a perversion of nature? “But it’s the truth!” What’s the definition of insanity again?

Conclusion: Is Conservatism About Freedom or Pushing Your Morals on Others?

Maybe the conservative movement has always had its culture war advocates. It wouldn’t surprise me. The point is, what does conservatism stand for? Do you want limited government, no debt, and a return to the constitution? Or, do you want to be nit-picky about what Americans do with their lives? It’s an issue of which hill you’re willing to die on. Which issues are worth fighting?

If you think moral standards are more important than reducing a massive bureaucracy then good luck. You’ll fail. However, if you’re for individual freedom and responsibility then you have a chance. Would you rather protect your freedoms, or restrict someone else’s freedom to live a life they want?



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