Nikki Haley 2020?

There is no question the Republican Party is fractured and in danger of losing the White House again. If Hillary Clinton does indeed win in 2016, Governor Nikki Haley should run in 2020.

1. Nikki Haley Embodies The American Dream- Haley’s parents are immigrants from India, who came to America seeking greater opportunity for their family. Her parents own a small business, and Haley helped her parents small business while growing up. She understands and has experienced firsthand, the power of the American dream. Americans are in need of a President who believes in the American dream, the idea that it doesn’t matter where you came from, who your parents are, all that matters is that if you work hard, you can get ahead. America is at risk of losing this since Obama has taken office, as well as the growing popularity of Bernie Sanders socialism agenda, but Governor Haley deeply understands the importance of making sure the American Dream continues, and expands to all Americans.

2. Nikki Haley Has Executive Experience- Nikki Haley is the current Governor of South Carolina, serving in her second term. It is very helpful when the President (Executive Branch) has both Executive experience and Legislative experience, Governor Haley has both. One of the biggest issues in this election, is jobs and the economy. As Governor, she has been a job creator, South Carolina has hit record lows for unemployment, over 25,000 people have moved from welfare to work, and South Carolina has had its strongest economy in over 20 years. South Carolina has seen major companies like BMW and Boeing move jobs to its state because of the low tax rate. The President must be able to address crisis, Governor Haley has addressed the Charleston Shooting, and Confederate Flag Issue. The White House praised her for her leadership during that time, as well as other conservative leaders like Mitt Romney. As Governor, she has continued to be a strong supporter of pro-life policy. Recently, she signed a bill that would make abortions past 20 weeks illegal. Lastly, she has stood up to President Obama’s plan to shut down Guantanamo Bay Prison, and possibly moving it to her state, condemning it as dangerous, unacceptable, and irresponsible.

3. Nikki Haley Is Well Liked And Well Respected- Her approval ratings astronomically high, Haley is one of the most popular, and well-liked Governors in America. Public polling has her approval among Republicans at 71/18 – among Independents at 53/27 – among Democrats (most impressive) 40/42 – and with African American voters at 45/30. Her leadership is evident, in that she was one of the most sought after Presidential endorsements, considered to be a Vice President candidate for many of the Republicans running for President, and she was chosen to give the SOTU response for the Republican Party this past year. In that speech, she condemned the angry rhetoric of some candidates, and calling for a message of hope instead.

4. Nikki Haley Is A Matchup Nightmare For Hillary Clinton- Nikki Haley is qualified to be President, she wouldn’t need to play the “woman card.”  However, imagine the Democrats trying to accuse the Republicans of being sexist, and racist with Nikki Haley as our nominee. Imagine the contrast in trustworthiness, experience, likability, and accomplishments. Governor Haley would be able to unite a fractured Republican Party, expand the conservative movement, use her experience, and accomplishments to strengthen America’s economy, and security. If Hillary Clinton wins in 2016, I hope that Governor Haley considers running in 2020, she will give the Republicans the best chance at the White House. Haley has the demeanor, character, experience, and results to be President.




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