Marco Rubio Should Run For Re-election

During the 2016 Presidential campaign trail, Marco Rubio made it clear that he was running for President, and would not be seeking re-election for his US-Senate seat in Florida. He’s said the statement, “I will be in the private sector in January 2017” a few thousands times. With Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, it has effected down ballot Republicans running re-election in the House and Senate. There are races for incumbents like Richard Burr of North Carolina, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, that are very close. It is very important for the Republicans to keep the majority in the Senate, especially with the daunting potential of Hillary Clinton becoming our next President. The Senate serves as a last defense to dangerous foreign policy, they vote on key legislation, advise on SCOTUS Justices, and set an agenda for America.

In Florida, a key Senate race that shows Democrat Patrick Murphy beating current Republican challengers David Jolly by 7 points, and Carlos Lopez-Cantera by 11 points. Murphy is a current Democratic Congressman and is endorsed by both President Obama, and Vice President Biden. The Florida Senate seat looks to be swinging to Murphy pretty easily. This has caused some Republican senators such as Majority Leader McConnell, Ben Sasse, and Bob Corker urging Rubio to run for re-election. Donald Trump, who has been a rival of Rubio’s even tweeted encouraging Rubio to run for re-election. However, over the past month Rubio has continued to say nothing has changed, and that he will be a private citizen come 2017. Recently, Jake Tapper of CNN pressed Rubio on this, Rubio stated he would consider running for re-election, but his close friend Lopez-Cantera (current Lt. Governor-FL) is in the race. However, yesterday after the devastating terrorist attack in Orlando, that left over 50 Americans dead, and 53 injured, it seemed like Rubio is considering running for re-election. Hugh Hewitt talked to Sen. Rubio this morning, “Marco Rubio is deeply impacted by Orlando shooting, tells me he has to rethink all plans, talk with his family, and consider his service.” This is a major shift for Rubio in the past year, I believe Rubio should run for re-election in the Senate.


Marco Rubio will defeat Patrick Murphy: 

Real Clear Politics (which was polled from September 2015- March 2016), showed Marco Rubio consistently beating Patrick Murphy by 7 points. Please note, that this is with Rubio not even mentioning Murphy, or campaigning against him state-wide. In the same poll that showed Murphy beating his other opponents by 7 and 11 respectively, it showed Rubio beating Murphy by 8 points (AIF Politics-pictured below). Rubio would beat Murphy pretty easily in my opinion, the money that would be spent in Florida, the endorsements that would roll out, and the optimistic message of Rubio would make him an easy lock for winning re-election. Lastly, we’ve seen Marco Rubio thrive on the debate stage, he’d be able to effectively communicate his vision for Florida, and America that few people can match. He would run circles around Murphy on a debate stage (I wish he was facing Clinton on a debate stage in a few months).

rubio polling

America needs Marco Rubio in the Senate:

The United States of America faces some serious intentional threats: ISIS, Iran, North Korea, and Russia. Rubio is one of the key voices and minds in regards to American foreign policy. Rubio sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee & Foreign Relations Committee, discussing and addressing key national security issues facing America. Rubio has clearly stated that terrorists like the one involved in the Orlando shooting, are the new face of terrorism. Rubio has called for America to defeat ISIS both militarily, and ideologically, calling ISIS the biggest threat to America repeatedly on the campaign trail. The American people would really benefit from having Marco Rubio back in the Senate, figuring out ways to defeat terrorism and keep America safe.

Marco Rubio is one of the brightest minds on policy, a hopeful conservative, and one of the key Republican voices for the future of the conservative movement. He is well respected by other Senators, had has the knowledge on foreign policy to make America stronger and safer. I for one, hope that Senator Rubio will consider filing for re-election by June 24th, and seek a second term. America could really use Marco Rubio in the Senate.


2 thoughts on “Marco Rubio Should Run For Re-election

  1. Normally agree with you completely but not this time. IMO the push to get Rubio to run again for his Senate seat is a trap to keep him obligated to either the GOP, Trump or both.
    I don’t trust any of the polls, especially considering just how recently he was defeated in the state that now has swung full circle on him? Too soon for rational polling changes. More likely that the polls are being manipulated for political purposes.
    Anyone who trusts Rubio’s judgement should have no problems agreeing with Marco on who should replace him in the Senate. If it’s Rubio’s expertise that’s the issue, I’m sure he will agree to be a close adviser to his long time friend Carlos Lopez-Cantera.

  2. Rubio made too many enemies in FL to run for reelection. He went to DC and immediately went back on his word to his constituents; many of who opposed his run for president. We don’t need him in DC any more than we need another gang of 8 amnesty bill.


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