Why We Shouldn’t Draft Our Daughters

On June 14, the U.S. Senate passed the “Draft America’s Daughters Act of 2016.” The crux of this bill is that the requirements of Selective Service System would now not only apply to men, but also to women between the ages of 18 and 26.

This bill follows the recent opening of combat positions to women which was highly debated as well. First off, let me say that if a woman chooses to enlist, I have no problem with that. So long as she can meet the same physical requirements that men are required to meet. But forcing a woman into war is morally wrong.

Former Red Millennial editor Seth Connell described this bill in latest article:

THIS is the war on women; the idea that sending our women to war is a good idea. The idea that sending women with less physical strength than the evil men they will be fighting against is a despicable and barbaric one.

Connell has touched on one of the main problems with this bill. As a general rule, men are generally physically stronger than women in general. Now there are some men that are less physical strong, and there are some women that are as strong, if not stronger than men. But generally speaking men tend to be physically stronger.

So why should we require women to participate in a field where physical strength is essential? This endangers not only the women themselves, but their fellow soldiers and as a result, the country as a whole.

The concept of physical strength goes back to something touched on earlier and also influences the recent opening of combat positions to women. For those women who can meet the same physical requirements as men, I have no problem with them serving, so long as they are doing so by choice.

But to force a woman to serve against her will goes against every biblical, historical and moral tradition that has stood through the ages. Biblically speaking, it is the man’s role to protect and defend the home.

Even for those who reject biblical principles, a historical precedent has been set that it is traditionally the men who went to war to defend the homeland. Yes, there are famous female warriors sprinkled throughout the history books, but these women are the exception rather than the rule. Also, these women served in battle by their own volition.

This is just one of many reasons why women should not be drafted. It has been a time tested and honored tradition in society, that men are the ones who go to war to protect and defend the home and loved ones. A part of the reasoning behind this tradition is that women have always been known as the weaker sex, referring to physical strength. Even as feminism continues to “liberate” women and eat away at societal standards, this is one tradition that remains the norm even today.


One thought on “Why We Shouldn’t Draft Our Daughters

  1. Why is it morally wrong to send a woman to war but not a man? If there is to be equality, shouldn’t women share in the same responsibilities? There are support roles that women can perform in the armed services that do not involve combat.


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