The Numbers Don’t Lie

I can’t imagine that even the most dedicated of my Trump Train friends can justify these FEC reports? Hillary Clinton lies. Donald Trump lies. The spin-masters that incessantly defend their candidates on television every night lie. The numbers, however, don’t lie; and for a man who claims to have a keen business acumen, I bet Mr. Trump wishes they did.

Clinton campaign has $42 million cash-on-hand. Trump has just over $1 million. Clinton has multiple ads up, in multiple swing states. Trump has zero ads up, in zero swing states. Clinton has almost 700 staffers across America. Trump has under 70. Clinton has narrowed her Vice-Presidential list down to a handful of carefully vetted individuals; Trump? Well as one close campaign confidante put it: the list is “in his head.” Donald J. Trump actually had a head start on the general election campaign…and wasted it. He isn’t even trying to raise money for down-ballot candidates…why? Because he doesn’t care about the future of the party or the conservative movement. No amount of prepared TelePrompTer remarks can cover that up.

As someone on my Twitter feed put it: “You need a minimum of $1.2 million in liquidity to open a Whataburger… So yeah, there are Whataburger restaurants out there worth more than the Trump campaign.”

What’s even worse? Donald J. Trump is apparently paying HIMSELF a salary with your campaign donations, made 22 different (and large) payments to recipients with “Trump” in the name, $350,000 for using HIS OWN private jet, use of HIS OWN Trump Tower, and paid to “rent” HIS OWN facility for $423,000… That would be like me naming my house Wes-A-Lago and paying $423,000 to “rent” it to myself to use! Instead of doing ANY of the things it takes to win an election, he’s simply building on his brand. Donors won’t give him money because he’s carrying over $40 million in debt, and only looking to pay himself back. Why donate money when the proceeds will go to the Trump family business, and not election ads or online research? Donald J. Trump is exactly who we thought he was. He is a man more concerned with his own ego than the success of the American people, more concerned with locking up business deals than locking down Constitutional rights, and fighting wars-of-words on Twitter, than fighting for American exceptionalism (which he has stated he doesn’t believe in).

Ladies and gentlemen: This is a for-profit campaign, with no value, no ideas, no principles, no future, and one that isn’t even trying to win. Donald J. Trump is now officially paving the way to a Clinton presidency and lining his own pockets while doing so. The voters supporting Mr. Trump sold out a lot of their values to do so, and now it appears that Mr. Trump is selling out those voters as well.

There should be no question as to why #NeverTrump and #DumpTrump people are still fighting for a different choice: Donald J. Trump is not running a campaign; he’s running a scampaign… and taking American voters along for the ride. The Trump Train is the Trump Titanic, and there’s still time to take the shackles off before it sinks to the bottom.



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