Orlando: Distractions Keep Us From Solving The Real Issues

As the facts of the attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando slowly came in, the usual suspects of political grifters emerged on Twitter and other social media outlets. While it was clear that the attacker was a Muslim man committing the single largest terror attack on American soil since 9/11, the hot takes did not subside. As a result, Americans are battling over distractions instead of mourning in unity and addressing the real issues.

Within hours of the attack, leftist lesbian Sally Kohn pointed out that the true enemies to the LGBT community were those dastardly Christians. As parents of the victims frantically called their sons and daughters to ensure their safety, pleading to God that their child was still breathing, this supposed ally of the gay community ranted on Twitter about the awfulness of Christians instead of mourning like a normal human.


A white guy that masquerades as a black man, plagiarizes, and rips off Black Live Matters by the name of Shaun King found that this attack was irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Why? Well, white men commit crimes. King attempted to lessen the blame on a mass murderer by pointing out the basic fact that the majority race in a country commits the majority of crimes in said country. Not only is that an irrelevant point, it’s completely thoughtless.

Which brings us to the greater point. Everything they and their cohorts had to say was irrelevant to the actual problem. When supposed thought-leaders tweet out such nonsense, public debate is cheapened and poisoned. There are three outcomes from bringing up irrelevant points when we need honest discussion.

We Bury Our Heads In The Sand

Or I should say, continue to bury our heads. Since the advent of Twitter, every single terrorist attack exposes lazy thinking disguised as intellectualism. Such thoughts are designed to “make you think” between bong rips. “Who are the real enemies? Islamic terrorists or Christians/White Men/Republicans/America?” The armchair philosopher ponders on Twitter. He strokes his chin and feels good about himself, all the while ignoring his own incredible stupidity. 49 Americans are dead now and it wasn’t at the hands of a white Christian. Until we accept that, we cannot move forward.

We Distract Ourselves From The Real Issues

There is a lot that can be analyzed from the Orlando shooting. Rather than discussing the fact that there are humans so violent that they create mass destruction and chaos, we are talking about the weapons they used. Rather than acknowledging the fact that much of the Islamic world actively seeks our destruction, we wallow in self-blame. Rather than being outraged that our government completely and utterly failed us by allowing this attack to take place, we seek to disarm ourselves and embrace victimhood. Focusing on the guns, our own faults, and demolishing the 2nd amendment will not stop mass murder nor will it stop terrorism.

We Never Solve Anything

Right now our country should be having a meaningful dialogue asking tough questions. Instead the discussion is being driven by constitutionally illiterate partisan hacks that are convinced that the 2nd amendment is meant for controlling the deer population. Our intelligence community interviewed the perpetrator three times and dismissed him. If they were competent he would be playing soccer in Guantanamo Bay and 49 Americans would still be alive. Meanwhile, those on both the left and the right seek to disarm us and give the intelligence community even more power to intrude on our privacy in the name of security. This, despite the fact they just proved that they are incapable of providing security.

We won’t solve this because they don’t want us to solve it. Who’s they? The media that banks on division. Kohn, King, and others pay their bills stirring up this nonsense. If Kohn admitted that Islamic fascists were a bigger physical threat to the gay community than Christians, her tired schtick would be rudderless. If King didn’t have a white bogeyman to blame for all of society’s ills, he’d have a harder time scamming charities and maintaining relevance.
Plenty of conservatives engage in this too. There are many that are too comfortable to bang the drums of war. Plenty, including the GOP nominee, used the attack to push their policy of tougher border security despite the fact that the attacker was an American. Both sides are masters of distraction and profit greatly from it. Forty-nine Americans were violently murdered in the name of Islam by a fellow American and our government utterly failed us. Any other point besides this is a distraction from solving the real issues.


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