Democratic Congressmen Show Their True Colors

Today, America finally saw the true nature of the Democratic Party. Earlier today, House Democrats announced they will hold a sit in and not leave the House Chambers until their demands are met. Their demands are contained in a one-page bill with 5 provisions. These provisions aim to further restrict the rights of American citizens but does absolutely nothing to curb the Left proclaimed “gun violence” problem. Several measures were defeated in a House Committee a few days ago, but the Democrats weren’t going to let that happen.

Therefore, they staged a sit in, resorted to throwing a temper tantrum, and used childish bullying tactics to get what they want. They are holding the House chambers hostage, which goes against the order of the House. Paul Ryan would not have any of it. He called the House to order several times with no compliance. He then shut off all the microphones and cameras in the House floor. This made it difficult for the media to cover what was going on. Of course the Democrats immediately accused the Speaker of suppressing free speech, which cannot be further from the truth. He tried to maintain order and dignity, and the Democrats completely disrespected his authority, so he took action. What the Democrats won’t tell you is that back in 2008, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi shut off the mic and muted Republicans during a debate. However, that should not surprise you as Democrats are the kings of the double standard.

So here is some information regarding the provisions and what they entail. The first provision gives discretion to the Attorney General to grant or deny a firearm purchase to those who are on the terror watch list or no fly list. There is a huge problem with this. There is absolutely no due process involved with the terror watch list and no fly list. The government can put anyone on either of these lists for any reason they see fit, and mostly under mere suspicion. On top of that, the government does not have to tell you why you were put on the watch list or what you have to do to get off the watch list. This country is a nation of Laws. The law says every American citizen is innocent until proven guilty. With the watch list, there is an assumption of guilt and the burden is on the person on the list to prove their innocence. This goes against everything American is about.

To show how someone can get on the list, here are a few stories. Recently, this married couple came to find out that somehow, their 4-year-old son was on the watch list and not allowed to fly. Of course no one had any answers as to how that happened. Another incident is where someone found out they were on the watch list. Again, the government did not give any answers. It ended up taking that person 5 years and over 50 thousand dollars and attorney’s fees to get taken off the watch list.

The second provision gives someone on the list a process in order to appeal their denial in a U.S. Court of Appeals, again, to prove their innocence and beg to be taken off the list and supposedly get their legal fees reimbursed after the fact. The issue with this is that someone should not have to prove that they are innocent to get their rights back, after being illegally stripped away.

The other provision all support the authority of the AG to have full discretion regarding denials and those on the watch list.

So now what do we do with theses “protesters?” There are a few options Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has to deal with this situation. The first option he has is he can have all the “protesters” forcibly removed for disturbing the order of the House. The second option he has is that he can cave into their demands and call the Democrat measure to a vote and get it over with. This of course is the least desirable option available. The third option he has is he can just hold out and ignore the sit-in until everyone eventually leaves. They have to leave eventually. We all know the best option is to forcibly removed these bullies from the House floor. I am not sure that would happen though.

In the end, all this shows is that Democrats will go to endless lengths to push their agenda and subvert the Constitution any chance they get. We need to stand up against these tactics and protect the God given rights of American citizens across the country.


One thought on “Democratic Congressmen Show Their True Colors

  1. Why is allowing a vote the least desirable option? The GOP has a larger majority in the House, so the vote will go their way. What are they afraid of, doing their jobs? Going on record in support of what they believe? I think those who have had enough of moments of silence, followed by doing nothing, are all heroes.


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