A Trump Presidency Isn’t Worth It For Conservatives

As of right now, Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee. It still boggles my mind how Trump got the needed support to get the nomination. Voters had the chance to see the way Trump acts, yet still after the hatred and bigotry; still voted for him. After the Trump nomination was pretty much sealed up, his comments and actions only got worse. Donald Trump told CNN that the judge chosen to preside over the Trump University case is a “…Mexican…We’re building a wall between here and Mexico…This judge is giving us unfair rulings”. These comments were then later condemned by many Republicans including speaker Paul Ryan said at a press conference in Washington, D.C. when he said “I think that should be absolutely disavowed,” and that it was a “textbook example of a racist comment”. After all of this, conservatives have a decision to make. Are we going to elect Trump, and watch decades of progress by conservatives go to waste, or will we save the conservative movement and deny Trump the presidency.

The Conservative movement is rooted in unity and a common pursuit to push America to the best that it can possibly be. Donald Trump has already proven that he doesn’t want to be part of any of that. Trump sent a clear message to conservatives when he dropped out of speaking at CPAC (which happens to be the largest annual conference for conservatives). Trump instead decided to campaign for the Kansas caucus and then went to a planned rally in Orlando, Florida.

Even when Trump does speak, he can’t control his mouth. At a rally in November, Trump even mocked a reporter because of his physical disability. Afterwards, Trump said “I don’t mock people that have problems, believe me,” and even wanted an apology from the newspaper that made the allegation.


Yet, even after Republicans have seen who Trump really is, they still voted for him. If Trump does become president, these kinds of comments will not stop and he will continue to make the Conservative movement a laughing matter. Countless times Republicans are having to condemn his comments, some even baffled that he is the nominee.

Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan sent a message to Republicans when he said to follow their conscience, stating “I get that this is a very strange situation. He’s a very unique nominee”. In almost any other election year, top Republican leaders would be encouraging fellow conservatives to support the nominee, but this year clearly that is not the case.

Conservatives around the country have a choice to make, do we want to elect someone with clear and disturbing differences than us? Or will we take a stand for what is right, and not vote for someone who clearly does not agree with the core values of the conservative movement. I choose the latter.


5 thoughts on “A Trump Presidency Isn’t Worth It For Conservatives

  1. In my opinion I think America should give Donald Trump a chance at the presidency. We have had one politician after another run this country and look where we are today. If you really look at the choices, we need some kind of new blood leading us. Our current president doesn’t even care about America, he has proven that time after time during his 8 years. Trump should be given a chance regardless of how brash and unpolitical he may be, because we are in a land that needs change and Trump may just be the right man for it.

    1. Meh, another 4 years of Amateur Hour in the WH. The only thing certain is that Trump will leave with a lot more money in his bank account than he started with.

      The only thing worse than the prospect of a Trump/Clinton general election are the next four years, no matter who wins.

  2. Finally, an article that gets it. I’ve seen lots of writers (WSJ, Fortune, National Review) go on about how Hillary is the “True Conservative” and how she’d be less disastrous for America than Trump, but they’re missing the bigger picture. This is not an election about whether or not Trump is actually Conservative, the real question is about us.

    Are we going to let Conservativism be a cover for bigotry and narcissism? Are we going to be so blinded by party allegiance that we forget our principles? Is it worth it to “win” the election but lose who we are?

    This article speaks for me: “Trump is not worth it.”


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