Great Britain to Leave EU, Cameron Resigns as Britons Overwhelmingly Support Brexit

On June 23 a referendum was put to a public vote. This referendum was to decide whether or not the United Kingdom remained in the European Union. As the voted came in, it was looking more and more like the vote to stay would win. However, the following morning, citizens of the UK woke up to find that their country would soon no longer be a member of the European Union.

Many were shocked, and many others were celebrating. Prime Minister David Cameron showed complete transparency in how he felt about the outcome of the referendum. He announced his resignation shortly after the election results became clear. On the other hand, another prominent figure in the British Parliament, Nigel Farage, was very ecstatic and happy about the outcome. He has been the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party and has held this position since 2010, and also from 2006 until 2009.

This move came about for several reasons. One of the reasons is the massive wave of Muslim immigrants from Syria. This immigration has produced one of the largest rape epidemics Europe has ever seen. Even with this being said, the EU claims that it is Europe’s responsibility to take in these refugees. Another issue is economics and national sovereignty. The UK has the right to be able to govern themselves. Also, the UK should not be forced to give money to the EU for the benefit of other European countries.

On top of that, the UK was one of few European countries to not fully adopt the Euro. The UK has not suffered because of this. Those in the Remain camp agreed with this sentiment. The Remain camp claimed that the UK was much better off in the EU than out of the EU.

On the other side, you have the Leave camp. They claim the EU is causing issues in the UK with Syrian immigrants. Muslim attacks in the UK have skyrocketed since the influx of refugees. The Leave camp also claims that the UK was better off before the EU anyways. They believe the UK should be able to assert their sovereignty and government themselves the way they see fit, sound familiar?

This move is a very positive move for the UK. Even though right now the stock market is not showing it. What we are seeing economically at the moment is just the initial shock. I have a feeling things will even out and that the British economy will flourish in the long run and will continue to remain one of America’s closest and strongest allies.

Conservatism seems to be sweeping the globe as the idea of freedom and liberty spreads across the planet. What will be next? Some say America should vote to leave the United Nations, which would be another wise move but that will be left for a whole different discussion altogether.

In the end, it would appear that this move could possibly be the first move of many. This likely will signify the eventual end of the EU, as the UK was one of the largest economic contributors to the EU. If many more power hitters end up leaving the EU, that will be all she wrote, and Angela Merkel will never have her empire.



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