Clinton Privilege Alive and Well in the Aftermath of the FBI’s Failed E-mail Investigation

Hillary Two Face and Donald Joker

Less than an hour after FBI Director James Comey announced to no one’s astonishment that Hillary Clinton would not face charges for illegally forwarding classified intelligence dossiers through her private e-mail, I finally decided to acknowledge a wise truth about the Clintons as well as their friend, associate, and current “opponent” in the race for the White House, Donald Trump, and long-established politicians in Washington.

The Clintons enjoy a stroke of political immunity not even the Kennedys could ever match. It is thus a wasted endeavor to ever investigate them given the years, wasted millions in tax dollars spent, and the inevitability they will each be exonerated on the merit of their name — and threats to the lives of those with a conscience, willing to act against their evil.

After all, Hillary is correct in how there is a standard for her and another for the rest of America between Benghazi, the e-mails and of course Wall Street — only in reading between the lines, realists, and the sane of mind know precisely the reality behind the half-truth.

Of course the Democrats will celebrate just as they did when “Slick Willie” was acquitted by the Senate on perjury charges during the Monica Lewinsky deposition with independent counsel Kenneth Starr. Lest we forget, however, there are still the matters over the Whitewater real estate affair, the mystery behind the murder of Vince Foster, buried accounts of the women brutally raped by Hillary’s meal ticket, the former president, and of course dozens of other accounts of her erratic behavior towards her husband, Clinton staffers and the Secret Service by those in the know.

Former CIA Director David Petraeus' reply to Susan Rice in opposition to the video narrative for Benghazi attacks.
Former CIA Director David Petraeus’ reply to Susan Rice in opposition to the video narrative for Benghazi attacks.

Note how Gen. David Petraeus was indicted on charges identical to Mrs. Clinton’s. Dennis Hastert was recently convicted of raping underage boys. Edward Snowden would be wise never to return to the United States of America due to his actions. And then there are the details of the conservative political activists, PACs, Christian special interests, and pro Israeli organizations still targeted by both parties in Congress for myriad reasons.

A nation built on conscience– albeit not without its shortcomings as human beings are inherently predisposed to failures in life– can only be toppled when it is no longer governed by individuals with one. In such nations though, the heavy hand of the rule of law only applies to the peasants while the nobility are exempt.

But don’t believe for a moment that Donald Trump is an acceptable alternative to Hillary Clinton. To the contrary, he is actually worse. His history within the past two to three years alone implicate him as almost certainly a Clinton plant within the Republican presidential political processes.

Acts such as Trump’s latest show of antisemitism only a couple of weeks following his comments about a Hispanic-American federal judge scheduled to hear the Trump University case have only served to exacerbate the ignominy behind his humiliating defeat come November.

Trumps Crooked Hillary Tweet with Star of David

Conveniently, Trump had at the ready the following as its replacement.

With Trump’s accused child rape victim in the past week revealing the existence of a witness, the Clintons will do all they can to aide Trump in stealth regarding the atrocities at “Orgy Island” given both were in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book. Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein Rape Lawsuit and Affidavits by davidbix

With the Clinton political machine’s own notorious connections to antisemites and self-loathing Jews such as Max Blumenthal — and recall that Ivanka Trump is married to a Jew; as is Chelsea Clinton to another corrupt connection in Marc Mezvinsky, who delivered their second child Aidan last month — all the loose ends are covered while known terrorist Nelson Mandela continues to be venerated.

The FBI’s investigation appears to conclude a three year long Vaudeville act. With Hillary surging in the presidential polls, America will replace the Rainbow Coalition still residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with the Clinton rendition of the Vagina Monologues who a generation ago as the gold-digging First Lady, served as the hitwoman behind the Clinton criminal empire. Reports now circulate that Hillary has offered to current Attorney General Loretta Lynch to continue at her post in a Clinton administration. It should be remembered Lynch has extensive ties to the Clintons from her time with Washington-headquartered international law firm Hogan & Harrison LLP from March 2002 to April 2010.

Meanwhile Trump has not yet had the opportunity to implement his Alt Right platform into action if by some twist in faith he is elected president. If by some miracle he does defeat Hillary Clinton, what difference will it make in light of his own admission and sentiment from 2013 on the attacks at Benghazi?

They are one and the same, entirely indivisible in both cause and association. As President Clinton benefitted politically off of the failed attempt to remove him from office in 1999, Hillary will likely gain even more support, while Trump’s figures will dive further — all critical elements of the grand scheme to ensure a Clinton victory in November.


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