If You’re (Un)Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands

Each day brings a new controversy. Each day brings a new question. Each day brings a new suspicion. Each day brings a new reason to be disgusted with our (presumptive) choices in November 2016. Every time something happens with one of the candidates, the supporters from the other side flock to the television and radio, Facebook and Twitter, and even the family dinner table to say “this is it; this is the reason to support [insert terrible candidate here], and to not support [insert other terrible candidate here]. It is almost stunning what each side is willing to put up with, and how many times they’re willing to swallow their own vomit for the sake of [insert either terrible candidates’ name here] not winning the presidency.

Here’s my advice: BE UNHAPPY; it is one of your privileges as an American! Do not fall for the binary choice argument. The snake-oil salesmen from both campaigns will tell you that if you don’t vote for Trump, you’re supporting Clinton, or if you don’t vote for Clinton, you’re supporting Trump. Hogwash. The converse of that has been captured in a popular social media meme: I’m not voting for Trump, so I must be voting for Clinton; but I’m not voting for Clinton, so I must be voting for Trump… There! Each side should be happy! I’m actually voting for BOTH of your undeserving candidates! Party, party, party! I’m a Trinton supporter…or better yet, a Clump supporter!
Again… Hogwash. These two candidates are interchangeable. They’ll each keep the misguided deal with Iran in place. They are each in favor of more government meddling in the free market. They’ve both proposed progressive tax increases. Neither of them has a coherent foreign policy, and the world is only getting more dangerous. They’ve both supported universal healthcare, and been to the extremes of the abortion debate. Neither has any respect for the Constitution, and the executive overreach you would see from a Trump or Clinton administration would make Richard Nixon blush. Hillary Clinton believes she is above the law, and it disgusts me. Donald Trump believes he is above human decency, and it disgusts me. Hillary Clinton has a character flaw, and can’t be trusted with a computer. Donald Trump has a temperament flaw, and can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes.
I am unhappy, based on principle. And I am happy about it. I can remain dissatisfied without having to fall on one side or the other. I can be offended by Hillary skating the FBI investigation without jumping on the Trump Train (or Titanic, as is the more likely metaphor). I can be offended by Trump’s lack of knowledge, ability, and conscience without being “with Her.”
The talking heads on television, nor the ones on my friends list, can share enough pictures or articles to change this. As I have stated many times before: the standards that a presidential candidate should live up to are NOT relative. One person does not become more or less fit for office based on the opponent. You are either qualified, or you are not. We have happened upon an election cycle where neither candidate is fit. Hillary Clinton got ripped by the FBI. Donald Trump added Saddam Hussein to the list of dictators for whom he harbors fan-girl-type admiration, a claim he’s actually repeated multiple times. Neither of these things came close to making me any happier. Going forward, Hillary may likely pick an unqualified, pandering VP choice. Donald can’t scare people off fast enough (re: Ernst and Corker both backed out today). Hillary is bought and paid for, and rolling in big money…but at least she has some. Trump is lying about his net worth, and just released a fundraising “haul” from June, which was HALF of what Romney raised in June 2012. Neither of these candidates is on track to make me any happier. Neither of these candidates is on track to make the country any better. This election is a damn circus, but I wouldn’t trust these candidates with the controls of a carnival ride. Once again, neither of them deserves to be any closer to the White House than what the visitors’ fence allows.

If Mitt finally jumps in the race, maybe he’ll give them a guided tour next year.

Don’t laugh; an unhappy guy can dream, can’t he?



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