It’s Time to Crash the Parties: Party Politics are Killing America

While there may be some merit to issues debated between the two main political parties, one thing is absolute: the blessings of liberty do not come from government. The United States federal government exists to exercise specific duties, all of which are geared to protect and defend liberty for the citizens and our posterity.

Politics have taken over and what we see today are two main political machines known as political parties.  Each party has its own agenda and each agenda serves the interests of those financially invested (campaign donors).

Today, political parties are essentially private clubs made up of citizens who share the same political views.  These clubs have one objective, to get their guy elected.  Once their candidate gets elected, the party uses the system to get big government their own way.  To pretend government over reach is acceptable when it is your political party doing the over reaching is hypocritical and dangerous.

Republicans suggesting that it is acceptable for the federal government  to spy on American citizens in the name of safety is no better than Democrats proposing gun control in the name of safety.  Both are violations of our rights.  In other words the ends never justify the means if rights are violated!

Democrats have found their target audience responds well to gun control legislation which violates the second amendment. Republicans argue that we need guns for hunting.  Both parties support American citizens being subject to surveillance and placement on the terrorist no fly list for simply expressing frustration with the federal government. Even though due process is completely disregarded.  So what makes these specific issues worth mentioning?

One party argues that guns kill people and we should ban guns while the other claims we need guns for hunting.  Both parties use the excuse of public safety as their justification for violating the rights of Americans.  Ironically both parties would be wrong.  Here’s why..

The Bill of Rights

  • First Amendment: Forbids the Congress from interfering with freedom of religion, speech or press, or with the right to assemble peaceably, or to petition the government.
  • Second Amendment: Guarantees the right to bear arms.
  • Third Amendment: Assures that soldiers cannot be arbitrarily lodged in private homes without the consent of the owner.
  • Fourth Amendment: Forbids unreasonable search or seizure of persons, homes, and effects without a warrant.
  • Fifth Amendment: Guarantees specific rights when on trial, including no condemnation without trial, no compulsion to be a witness against oneself, and no property taken for public use except with just compensation.
  • Sixth Amendment: Assures the accused right to a speedy and public trial, right to be represented by an attorney, and right to be faced by accusing witnesses.
  • Seventh Amendment: In lawsuits of more than $20, a trial by jury may be requested.
  • Eighth Amendment: Forbids excessive fines and cruel or unusual punishments.
  • Ninth Amendment: Just because a right is not mentioned in the Constitution does not mean that the people are not entitled to it.
  • Tenth Amendment: Powers not delegated to the Federal Government, nor prohibited to the States, are reserved to the States or the people.

Where in that list is there a mention that would allow for gun control?  Where in that is hunting mentioned?  Where in that list are American citizens subject to restricted travel or subject to being placed under surveillance  without due process?  Rights come from our creator not the federal government.  The states created the federal government not the other way around.

Forgive the rant…back to political parties..

Political parties use social issues to form a line in the sand, causing Americans to choose between one side or the other. Reality check: neither party is better than the other.  Both use tragedy and flat out ridiculous arguments to force their own agenda down the throats of every American.  Whether we like it or not.  And for what? to gain the support of voters.  Political power is the name of the game.

So how do we solve the political party issue? We have to get back to the Constitution.  It is the only way to fix our broken system and to get what we all want.  Freedom.

One way of taking action is by joining  the Convention of Stated Project (COS). COS is a grassroots movement of citizen volunteers who are smart enough to put politics aside and use the constitution to save our constitution which will ultimately save our nation.  Washington D.C. needs to be checked.  The constitution grants the states the power to check the federal government when necessary.

For more information please visit: and be a part of the only solution as big as the problem.


3 thoughts on “It’s Time to Crash the Parties: Party Politics are Killing America

  1. Yes, everything mentioned in this is true, the only problem I can see is how can the citizens control the COS without the Representatives taking away more of our Rights, or placing more Infringements upon us then our current government already does?
    What control would the citizenry have over the COS ? In our Representational form of government, the citizens are supposed to be able to Consent to the laws, as the Declaration of Independence says “we are governed by the Consent of the Governed”. Yet, today, virtually no laws either Congress or our State legislatures pass are open to a vote by the Citizenry, And the Citizenry are not Consented to when these laws are passed.
    Sure, some City Councils may ask for a coment from the citizenry before voting on measures or Municipal regulations, or rules in cities, but it is still the City Councils, State legislatures, and Congress only that get the opportunity to vote on passage or failure of a Federal law, State law, or City Ordinance . With the availibility of computers or telephones in most people’s homes, I would like for the people, the citizenry, to be able to vote on and pass or fail a proposed law by phone or computer. I would also like to see each proposed piece of legislation voted on by itself, for it’s own passage or failure, on it’s own merits.
    After all it is We The People who have to abide by these Laws that our Government passes, isn’t it We the People who should be able to vote on them ourselves.

    1. Citizen volunteers are the people pushing their state’s Article V resolution through their state legislatures. If you want a say, get involved. Once your state passes the resolution, we must trust that our state legislators will serve their state honorably. I believe they will.

      Each state sends one delegate to the convention. Rules for the convention are voted on and set prior to the start of the convention. If rules are violated the state shall recall their delegate and replace that delegate with an individual who will follow the convention rules. The topics to be discussed are included in the convention rules.

      Once the delegates have unanimously voted and passed the amendments (if any) to be added to the constitution, the amendments must be ratified by three fourths of the states before they can become law.

      Side note: A right cannot be taken away. Rights do not come from the government, they are inherent and come from our creator.


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