A Fallen World

As I watch the news break out in Nice, France, my heart breaks. With a death toll of upwards of 73 human lives taken from the world, with a report of dozens injured, with bodies lying lifelessly as their loved ones kneel down beside them, the haunting realities of the sickness of our world is shoved into houses across the world. As I pray for the families, the nation, and the world, I see the constant depravity of man play out in every country throughout the globe. And all I want to say is that I wish this world wasn’t corrupted with sin, but, it is.

The fact of the matter of, with a liberal enough democracy, we could pass an unconstitutional ban on guns, we could monitor every soul in the world in order to attempt to block people from joining ISIS, or we could attempt to ban all of one religion. But, no law will ever change the heart of any person. You cannot force the hate out of someone by banning it. If we could ban people from killing people with the simple passage of a law, we would simply need a law that says it is illegal to murder. But considering that such law already exists, a likewise measure will not prove suffice. The first murder committed was with a rock. Mass murders can be committed with swords. It matters not as much what a person is able to turn into a weapon, but the fact that the person has the hate to use it.

Recently, with the utter chaos in the news, I’ve tended to yell at the tv, requesting the world of two things. One, don’t be a jerk and two, don’t kill people. It seems like such requests should not be too much to ask. But then I remember that we live in a fallen world. It is not merely laws or the lack of enforcing them that will fail to solve the problem, but the lack of Christ.

Without Christ descending once again on this world, this world will continue to be a corrupt, hate filled place. There will continue to be destruction, there will continue to be tragedies. This however, does not mean that there is no hope for the world and no good already in the world. In fact, because of Christ, there is both hope and good in the world. By shining the light of Christ, by showing God’s love and mercy despite our fallen nature, there is a bounty full of grace, truth, and light. We must look to that and use that as the basis of our weaponry to fight evil. We must fight evil with the strength of God’s truth and mercy and love and goodness – grounded in His word.

By knowing that the world is fallen, we cannot give up the fight. If we initially had an attitude of pre-conceived failure, then the human race would have stopped fighting the moment it realized the fact of our sinfulness. Instead, we must head forth, making our laws and our policies established in the Bible. Despite it’s age, the Bible has established both scientific and moral law.

While I don’t have a solid foreign policy solution to stop Islamic extremism, and while I don’t have a solution to prevent lone wolf attackers, I know where we can look to find our solutions. No solution will prevent all tragedies, as again, we live in a depraved and fallen world. But, there is hope, that if we look to Christ as our guide, we can get a little closer to finding a way to prevent some of these heinous crimes. And when it comes to those that we cannot prevent, we can still look to the sovereignty and grace of God for His comfort and endless love.

History has proven that nations prosper with Christ and fall without him. Our goal is not to be on the right side of a politically correct history, but on the right side of eternity, and with that, Christ and Christ alone is our eternal answer.



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