Bright Spots in the GOP

On Twitter today, many people are stating that the GOP is dead. Is the party fractured because of the divide Trump has caused? Sure thing. I want to come to defense of the Republican Party though. We have Governors, Senators, and House Members fighting to make our country better, and have been successful in doing so.

Here are a few brief bright spots within the Republican Party.


Currently, the Republican Party has 31 of the 50 Governors in America. Overall, Republican governors have focused on cutting taxes, and economic development. We feature governors such as Scott Walker, Nikki Haley, Greg Abbott, and Susana Martinez. Here are just a few brief accomplishments of some Republican Governors:

Gov. McCrory (NC) – has created over 250,000 jobs since taking office.

Gov. Haley (SC) – under her leadership over 25,000 people have moved from welfare to work.

Gov. Walker (WI) – has put forth economic policies that have helped created over 10,000 new small businesses.

Senate Majority

The Republican Party currently has a majority in the Senate. Interestingly enough, they have been more effective this year than the Democrats, even though they had President Obama in office. The Senate Republicans have passed three times the legislation then the Democrats did when they last had the majority. In fact, over the past 6 months, Senate Republicans have passed 31 bills into law.

The Q-Poll released today polled the Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania Senate races:

Sen. Rubio is beating Rep. Patrick Murphy 50-37

Sen. Toomey is beating Katie McGinty 49-39

Sen. Portman is beating Gov. Strickland 47-40

The Senate Republicans have done good work considering they have had a Democratic President who thinks the Executive Branch has more power than Congress, and Democratic minority that filibusters frequently.

Key Legislation passed by the Senate GOP:

-Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2016

-Every Student Succeeds Act

-North Korea Sanctions and Policy Enhancement

-LNG Permitting Certainty and Transparency Act

House Majority

In my opinion, the House GOP is the brightest part of the Republican Party. We have leaders like Speaker Ryan, Mia Love, and Trey Gowdy. The Republicans have put forth an agenda called “A Better Way.” This agenda addresses Tax Reform, Poverty, National Security, The Economy, Healthcare, and the Constitution.

Key Legislation The House GOP has worked on (in the past few weeks!)

-Conscience Protection Act

-Separation of Powers Restoration Act

-Iran Accountability Act

Lastly, the House GOP is fighting to keep Hillary Clinton accountable for her being careless with classified information. The House Oversight Committee has interviewed FBI Director Comey, demanding to know why Clinton wasn’t held accountable for her actions. Currently, the House GOP is demanding Clinton and her staff be revoked security clearance because of her reckless behavior as Security of State in handling classified information.

State Legislator:

No one every talks about State Representatives even though their policies influence us more than National Politics. I want to give you two accomplishments of the North Carolina House Republicans:

-Delivered a budget that will raise teacher pay to $50,000

-Delivered a budget that makes the first $17,500 exempt from State Income Tax.

Is the Republican Party set back with Donald Trump as the nominee? Yes, absolutely. However, the GOP is not dead. We have great leaders for the future, and great ideas. In fact, Republicans are doing great work as Governors, Senators, and House Reps right now.

End Rant


One thought on “Bright Spots in the GOP

  1. If Trump does not wi te coutry is dead and the republican party. This is election is about Freedom or the Global Elite. Choose ye who you shall serve Trump is going to redo the Republican party from a party that works for the bankers to a government that works for the people. Trump 2016


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