Campaign Promises: They Do Not Matter

When a presidential candidate says he or she will fight for you, be aware of the fact you are being taken. If a presidential candidate says he or she will fight for the CONSTITUTION, you are likely still being taken but at least the candidate understands that he or she does not have the authority to fight for youYOU fight for YOU.  The president fights for the CONSTITUTION!

The duty of the president is to command America’s armed forces.  This protects our nation from other nations. As long as our federal government stays true to the Constitution we are straight.  Unless of course the presidential candidate means fight his or her own self from imposing the federal government on the American people. [They do not mean this in case you are trying to be optimistic]

*Teachable Moment- When the federal government exercises authority beyond the powers granted by the constitution is called usurpation.

A  president’s policy ideas show how the candidate thinks in terms of fiscal, social and foreign issues. However, the duty of the president is to enforce the law, NOT create law.  Voters must look at campaign promises as a way to judge the person’s understanding of the constitution rather than perks.

The executive branch has the following duties:

  1. Commander in chief of our military.
  2. Require reports from cabinet officers on their performance.
  3. He can grant pardons, but not in the case of impeachment.
  4. Make Treaties, but only with the advice and consent of the Senate.
  5. Appoint senior officials and judges only with the advice and consent of the Senate.
  6. Deliver the state of the union.
  7. Recommend legislation for congress to enact.
  8. Call special sessions of congress.
  9. Resolve disputes regarding adjournment between the two houses.
  10. Receive ambassadors.
  11. Faithfully execute the laws.
  12. Gives commissions to military and other officers.

The executive branch has been overstepping its constitutional authority for decades. A president can abuse his authority in the following ways:

  1. The president may not declare war. ONLY congress can declare war. (Article I Section 8)
  2. The executive branch may not enact legislation that has the full force of the law. (Article I Section 1) All legislative powers are vested in congress.
  3. A president may enter into Treaties only if 2/3 of the Senate is present and concur. (Article II Section 2)
  4. Executive Treaties  not passed by congress are called Executive Agreements. A term having no meaning in international law)
  5. The Senate has approved 900 Treaties. The US is involved in over 5,000 unratified Treaties.
  6. The Code of Federal Regulations has over 200 books of law being enforced never passed by congress.
  7. Over 100,000 Americans have been killed in wars never declared by congress.
  • Korean War – 53,686 Americans killed
  • Vietnam – 38,209 Americans killed
  • Afghanistan -1,505 Americans killed
  • Iraq -4,439 Americans killed
  • No war has been declared since WWII by congress.  Executive orders have been used instead.

When the federal government acts outside of its intended role (as authorized by the constitution) we are no longer a nation of laws, we are a nation of man.  A nation of man is best described as when those permitted to hold public office act above the laws by which the rest of us are bound.

People say the government is corrupt, but they are incorrect. Man is corrupt. Corrupt men use government as a tool gain power, control and money. The result of such corruption is devastating to liberty, and without  liberty we will forever be enslaved by corrupt men.

When you go to vote this November, please take the time in advance to look at each presidential candidate. Remember to apply your knowledge of the list of duties to be carried out by the president. Does a candidate know how to and desire to faithfully execute the duties of the executive branch?  If the answer is no then the candidate is seeking job for which he/she is unfit.  We are hiring a person to perform a job so it is important for us to understand the President’s job description  so we can better decide who is best for the position.

Americans must wake up and understand the ramifications of a lawless president. Any candidate intent on implementing policy which has not originated in legislative branch (congress) is intent on breaking the law. If you take anything from this article let it be this.. Just because you agree with a lawless act doesn’t make it right!



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