Liberalism Abounds 

I’ve been stunned recently at what I’ve heard. I’ve seen some severely left-wing policy proposals coming out of the presidential campaign. The liberalism I read about and see on television every day isn’t just applied to one topic; it is crossing over into issue after issue. You’d think after 8 years of the Obama administration the country would want to pulled back from the left cliff; apparently not.

Hillary Clinton is including these ideas in tweets and speeches, op-eds and interviews. Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt have to be smiling down somewhere in eternity. I am the first to admit: progressivism isn’t all bad…just as conservatism isn’t all good. No one, political ideology has cornered the market on good principles. However, in these dangerous and uncertain times, the proposals we’re hearing from left aren’t adequate to address the difficulties at hand.

1. Taxes 

A doubling-down on the progressive tax code is an investment killing proposal for an already-fledgling economy. I am fully aware that you can pick and choose your economic indicators and make it seem like we’ve made it into a recovery. However, with businesses withholding money, and a smaller-than-ever workforce, the time isn’t exactly ripe for a boom. Americans are hurting. The middle-of-America hears about a “recovery” that doesn’t coincide with their reality. Businesses have closed. Their friends are out of work, and they’ve quit looking. A refocusing of the progressive tax code only hurts those looking to boost a recovery. It is a job killer at every level, and it leads to outsourcing, which only causes the problems of joblessness to metastasize. Focusing on hurting “millionaires and billionaires” only further penalizes success when we should be encouraging it. Hillary Clinton believes in these liberal policies and has proposed “solutions” that double down on them. Ms. Clinton’s plans don’t address the national debt or entitlement reform. That is a shame. That is a failure. Ms. Clinton doesn’t have the necessary courage to lead.

2. Minimum Wage

Raising the minimum wage, whether to a “living wage” or just an incremental amount, is a thoughtful idea. It’s one that looks more appealing in tough times. The problem is, when you make decisions based on the current situation (instead of everlasting principle), you end up with unforeseen consequences down the road. We live a constantly advancing time; technology changes every minute of every day. When you couple that with a possible wage that isn’t cost-effective for business, you end up with machines replacing people. We see it with more kiosks in more industries every day. I won’t pretend like the wage can’t be indexed to inflation, but to just haphazardly toss a number out (like $10, $12, or $15) is short-sighted and disingenuous. It’s also politically expedient. We need political principle, not convenience. We should focus on take-home pay to assist workers and incentivize work. Hillary Clinton has suggested this penalizing of success, and destroying this “rigged system.” We don’t need more of the same. We need innovation, and investment…not the fear, hesitancy, and penalties of progressive economics.

3. Isolationism

We’re hearing more and more about 1920s-style isolationism, and pulling further back from the world around us. We’ve even heard talk of ceding our moral high ground with our enemies. Hillary Clinton actually espoused the belief that we couldn’t talk about “civil liberties” to other nations because we didn’t really have a leg to stand on. That is not who we are. We are to be a beacon. We have progress still to be made, but we should lead by example instead of cowering at the idea of America not being perfect. It has been suggested that we actually auction off our assistance to our NATO allies. That is ludicrous. America and her allies have a symbiotic relationship, with a mutual goal of ensuring that good prevails over evil in this world. Imagine if the rest of the world had reacted this way when we needed them most, after September 11th, 2001. George W. Bush would’ve shown them what real leadership looked like. The world needs a strong America. America needs relationships in the world. This liberal idea of cutting our ties won’t do.

4. Free Trade

Free Trade is not a glamorous issue. It doesn’t get people worked up or riled up on Facebook; that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the biggest issues of this campaign. Aside from our military partnerships around the globe, we have established and maintained a multitude of economic relationships. Politicians like Hillary Clinton always talk about “manufacturing” and “production” jobs coming back and they use those workers as electoral pawns. They propose tariffs (which are just an economic liberal word for external taxes in order to try to leverage our position with our counterparts. These jobs are not coming back. The American economy is not what it used to be. Americans look at price tags, not production tags. As much as I wish Americans would pay more for goods made here, they do not. An electronic store can sell a computer made overseas for $500, and maybe one made in America for $800. After these imposed tariffs, we’ll be looking at an American computer for $800, and one made overseas for $2000. How does that help the average American family? How does that help consumers? It does not. Hillary Clinton’s increase on these taxes will not help.

5. Executive Overreach

This one is simple: we’ve seen no indication from Ms. Clinton that she would apply the boundaries of the Constitution any more than the current president. This is the most troubling possibility. Hillary Clinton believes she is the answer. When talking about fixing what is broken, Ms. Clinton actually said “I, alone, can fix it.” That is about as much of a big government statement as I’ve ever heard. That is actually what our Founders fought to break free from. I’ll state unequivocally: I will never vote for a candidate, at ANY level of government, who believes he or she can do it alone. This is America; no part of our government should ever be “I, alone.”

Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt may be beaming from ear to ear, but I am not. I am terrified. I am terrified that with the imposition of these ideas, our position in the world, and our success as Americans will be further compromised.

I am also terrified at how many of you reading this got angry and worked up about what I’ve said. It scares you too. You hate these policies and you’ve fought against them for years. It scares me that all of the things I’ve written about Ms. Clinton were not actually about her (though she does believe many of them).

Go back through my article and replace her name with the name of “Donald J. Trump.” It is actually the Republican nominee proposing these left-wing ideas. Do you feel scammed yet? You should. Don’t get scammed again. He’s wrapped himself in a party label, but laid waste to the conservative principles of that party. I won’t be a part of it.



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