The DNC Leaks: What They Mean For Both Parties released their new email leak series on Friday, July 22nd. The website which contains a multitude of hacked email banks,  released the Democratic National Committee’s private emails. The emails were in between Democratic Party officials and at over 19,000 of them, it goes without saying that some alarming information was exposed. The most alarming being the planned sabotage of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Among the emails, the party officials discussed bringing up Senator Sander’s religious views in West Virginia and Kentucky. They planned to question his belief in God, insinuating that he is an atheist. These are two states where something of that nature could have cost him many voters to the Clinton campaign. This, among many other emails, exposed the DNC’s intention to undermine the Sander’s Campaign and shoot Clinton into the nominee spot.

Another alarming piece of information exposed in the leaks was their mislabeling of donor funds. In a series of emails, it was shown that the committee labeled an average $10,000 donation from a yearly donor as an LGBT donation. The intentions of this are uncertain, although I hypothesize that it was out of shear carelessness.

So what does all of this mean for the Democratic Party and the Republican Party? Well, there’s not just one answer to this question.

These emails exposing the corruption within the DNC mean a lot of things. The initial impacts have been pretty substantial. The Monday of the Democratic National Convention, Debbie Wasserman Shultz who was the chair of the DNC resigned from her position as chair. She did not even participate in the convention and she was booed during her speech at a democratic delegate breakfast the Monday of the convention. Sanders supporters were outraged by the DNC’s actions and when Clinton officially became the nominee, there was a huge walk out of the convention by many Sanders supporting delegates.

The plans of sabotaging the Sanders Campaign not only hurt the Clinton Campaign, but also the party as a whole. The degree of trust that was once in the party is no longer there with many voters. The scandal has exposed many things that will deter voters from checking Clinton on their ballot in November.

The likely impact of the scandal come November may me minimal, but it will surely encourage many Sanders supporters and Never Trump conservatives to vote for third party candidates like Governor Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party.


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