An Open Letter To The Divided States of America

Dear America,

It has taken me a few weeks to fully gather my thoughts. It’s been a rough few weeks, and I think everyone will agree with that. I sit here considering what is going on around me, and had trouble putting thought into words. America, we are divided – no longer United – and we have failed. No matter where you stand on any issue – you have failed, I have failed, and we have failed. We must stand united as ONE country supporting our differences instead of allowing them to divide us.

It’s a sad and horrific world we live in. I truly believe we can stand united and agree that there are bad seeds in any aspect of life. That doesn’t mean they are to blame at all costs – sometimes what happens is truly what happened. I stand behind the fact that there is a divide within our communities. If you are unable to see this divide, then you need to take a step back an examine what’s been going on throughout the county. We need to decide together, as a country, that enough is enough.

I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it, we have failed as a country. We have stood united, driven by a cause, with a coherent vision of what we want. We need to leave this nation in a better state for our children that it was left for us. When I grew up I never noticed a divide, we might not have agreed on every issue, but we stood together as a county – at least that’s how it looked. Today we live in a divided country, one that we all must take fault in. Despite your race, your creed, your religion, and your ideologies

I truly believe that we are at a turning point in our history, we will look back on a decade and wonder what went wrong. No matter what you believe in, how you look, or what you do, you still belong to one county – a country that should unite us. It doesn’t matter if you believe that all cops are to blame or all blacks are to blame. We must agree that all lives matter, that there is a problem in this country. No one man is worth more than another, and when we can state that as fact then we will become whole again.

We live in the Divided States of America and until we can find a way to unite them – we’ve not only failed our country, but ourselves.


Angelo Lamberto



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