The Need for God in America

Can a society founded on religion separate itself from God? Are the laws that we have created not ingrained in morality? Even if one debated the credibility of the richness of some of our founders relationships with Christ, we cannot deny the fact that our laws are based in morality – a morality that comes from the unchanging truth of the word of God. If we separate ourselves from that – separating ourselves from Christ, we are not only digging a deep divide between the foundations of our past and present, but we are also making it impossible to create just laws.

Without God, who is to say theft, lying, or murder should not be legal under all circumstances? Murder is not a social norm, but if culture is ever progressing and always changing the outdated laws of the past, who is to say that such things are not also outdated? One might argue that things such as murder and theft are wrong, not because of the Bible, but because it is simply morally wrong. Yet, this begs the question regarding where one derives their morals. If the answer is “it is just a gut feeling” or “my conscience”, then I would go further to argue that such feeling of knowing the difference between right and wrong is not merely taught, but written on the hearts of men, by God.

There is never a valid argument to fully separate religion from laws. When such is done — a trend we have seen gradually occur through both the courts and congress — it leads to more problems than there are solutions. Can any justifiable law be written without the basis of principles and morals? Give me a law with no premise of morality, and I will show you the injustice.

The fact of the matter is, you cannot separate morals from laws, and when you do, you get a messed up system filled with injustice. Without implementing the morals that are written on the hearts of man, we have chaos. For instance, despite having the moral knowledge that murder is wrong, courts have decided that it is acceptable to murder a child who is still in the womb for any reason – and that such a “right” (while not set forth by the constitution) shall not be infringed upon. Why? Because laws and court decisions are not always made on the basis of morals, but on the basis of popular opinion.

When we rid morals from the law we start putting our children at risk of a corrupt society before they even take their first breath. According to Bound 4 Life, we have approximately 1 child being killed by abortion every two seconds worldwide, and in America alone, 21% of children in the womb are killed by abortion.

When we rid morals from the law, we put our children at risk in the privacy of a school restroom. We allow biological men to stay at shelters that house women who have survived domestic abuse. Culture has continued to spiral so that law after law, ruling after ruling, corruption has been forced into our daily lives, which has not only left us with a dooming present, but with a choice to let our future be ruled by either a manipulative liar or a lying manipulator.

We have the people we do in this election cycle because we’ve fed into the beliefs that without God, our society can be sustained — the belief that we either need to monitor every aspect of our speech or none at all, and the belief that morals may be relevant for the law, but not for self — that a personal decision to break the law is fine, repentance is irrelevant, but the rest of the people must follow the law or be prosecuted.

The history of every man is corrupt and filled with sin. But, the difference comes when there is a person who humbly admits their failures and a person who is adamant that they will never apologize for them. We need God in America because without God, there are no morals, without morals, there are no just laws, and without justice, there is chaos.



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