You Shouldn’t Vote for Donald Trump Because of the Supreme Court.

In this unprecedented election, the Democratic and Republican nominees do not sit well with the majority of Americans. For the most part, those that refuse to look outside the two-party system have to go to extremes and single issues to justify voting for either Clinton or Trump. One issue that most have decided to take to, in order to justify their support for Trump, is the Supreme Court. As many already know, the next POTUS could nominate multiple justices to the Supreme Court, which would obviously have a major effect on our nation. Having those justices strongly support the Constitution, in its original intent, is obviously a great desire for conservatives, libertarians, and many independents alike. Clinton has made her stances abundantly clear that if elected she will not nominate a justice that constitutionalists will like, but will Trump elect justices that will sit well with that group?

Donald Trump, and more often his supporters, have made that a rallying cry in his campaign, “if you cannot find any other reason to vote for Trump, at least vote for him because he will nominate a conservative Supreme Court Justice!” First off, voting for a presidential candidate based off one issue is a dangerous path to take. Secondly, has Trump proven that he will nominate a conservative Supreme Court Justice? Well, let’s just say, if I were a betting man, I wouldn’t bet on him doing that. Can Trump be trusted to not flip-flop on his stances once elected? No. Donald Trump has made it apparent time and time again that he will say just about anything to get elected, taking practically every position on every issue. The Donald has made comments and suggested policies that are at their core fundamentally not conservative, if he is serious about any of these plans, it would not be wise of him to nominate a justice that will defend the Constitution as it was originally intended.

Lets just take a brief walk-through of the positions Donald Trump has taken that are anything but conservative: he has spoken out against freedom of the press and freedom of religion( First Amendment), supported a weapons ban for people on no-fly lists(Second Amendment), supports collecting phone records of law-abiding citizens without a warrant(Fourth Amendment), he does not take kindly to due process(Fifth Amendment), and in order to do any of this, it would require him taking actions that the Constitution does not give the president the authority to take. which would cause him to be in opposition to the Tenth Amendment. One could make the assumption from all of this-if you have been keeping up with his campaign you have heard him promote all of these points multiple times-that he does not plan on supporting the Bill of Rights. So what brings people to the conclusion that he would nominate a justice who does? Is it merely the fact that he calls himself a conservative? the fact that he is running as a Republican? Or, do people just hope that he will? In any case, none of those are good reasons to believe he will when his rhetoric and actions prove otherwise. He will likely nominate a justice who will interpret the Constitution the way he wants it to be interpreted. In doing so, he would not nominate either a conservative or a libertarian to the Supreme Court.

So what are conservatives, independents, and libertarians that do defend and support the Constitution, and want it interpreted the way it was originally intended to be interpreted, to do? Certainly voting for Clinton is not an option in this scenario, and voting for Trump is a gamble that no professional gambler would advise you to take. Luckily, you have other options in the form of the Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, and the Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle. but the odds are certainly not in their favor at this point in time. These are the cases in which you would be wise to support candidates in state and local elections that will take a stand to protect the Constitution (it is important to do this every election, but it is especially important this time around). The Presidents can do hardly anything without approval from congress. State elections are just as important as the presidential election because electing constitutionalists to the congress is necessary. the President nominates the Supreme Court Justice, but that Justice must be approved by the Senate. See where I am going with this? Making sure our Senators demand whoever the President nominates for the Supreme Court to be a Justice who will hold the Constitution above his own opinions or desires is our only option after coming to grips with the reality that neither Trump nor Clinton will do so on their own.

So, in the end, is the Supreme Court a justifiable reason to vote for Trump? No. This election, vote your conscience and vote for a candidate that defends the entire Constitution. Just make sure to remember to vote in your state elections as well.



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