The NBA Just Made the Most Ironic Decision for ‘Equality’

Just days before a federal judge temporarily blocked the president’s bathroom mandate — a mandate that would have forced schools to oblige by the redefinition of sex as one’s gender identity, or risk losing federal funding — the NBA announced its relocation of the 2017 All-Star Game from North Carolina to Louisiana. 

In July of 2016, the NBA gained massive coverage and applause from the left for moving their game out of Charlotte, N.C. Their reasoning surrounded North Carolina’s enactment of HB 2, the controversial, common-sense, biological men use the men’s restroom and biological women use the women’s restroom, legislation. 

The NBA found the law horrendous. How dare a state have the right to govern themselves?! How dare they protect children, and allow private businesses make decisions for themselves?!

The law does not force private businesses to do anything against their bathroom will. Instead, it allows them to do whatever they want to with their bathrooms. That means the NBA could have also done whatever it wanted to do, had it stayed in Charlotte. 

However, the media and the left caused a brouhaha and started ideological fisticuffs, causing orginizations like PayPal and the NBA to back out because, well, it’s a human right to force private businesses to make all of their bathrooms open to anyone, despite their biological sex. 

The NBA’s decision comes during a time where a string of many ironic decisions have been made. The first irony: the NBA will still play games in China – a country known for actual legitimate human rights violations. Not only that, but perhaps most ironically, the location that the NBA decided to move its 2017 game to is New Orleans, L.A. The irony comes when you realize that Louisiana, like North Carolina, doesn’t force private businesses to defy biology in the bathroom. 

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, recently said in a statement, “My home state of Louisiana, like North Carolina, is one of 32 states in the U.S. that does not force private businesses to allow men in women’s showers, locker rooms, and restrooms. On the other hand, in New Orleans—the same as in Charlotte—the NBA will be free to divide the restrooms at its own event on the basis of self-professed ‘gender identity’ instead of objective biological sex, if it wishes to do so. Only politics—not the well-being of transgender persons or anyone else—motivated this disruptive and punitive move.

“The NBA should focus on basketball, not on redefining what it means to be male or female.”

So, NBA, PayPal, and people of the world who applauded the business who backed out of North Carolina because of HB 2: if you are going to discriminate against a state because of your deeply held beliefs, at least be consistent. If this is really bothering you, there are 32 states that you’ll have to back out of. Good luck with that, NBA and friends!



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