Man Praying Outside of ‘Free Speech Zone’ Forced to Leave Clemson University Campus

One would think that colleges across America would allow for the constitutional right to free speech. But, to the contrary, college campuses across America are constantly limiting free speech so that only politically correct speech is free.

According to The New Guard, “On Thursday afternoon, an administrator at Clemson University forced a man praying on campus to leave because he was not in a designated free speech zone and was not permitted to “solicit” outside of one.”

Free speech zones are constantly invading campuses and infringing on the right to free speech. This case at Clemson is particularly disturbing because it not only infringes on the freedom of speech, but also infringes on the free exercise of religion. We now live in world where we have become so inundated with political correctness that a simple offering of prayer is found unsuitable in public. 

Yet, by offering prayer to other students, this person was not soliciting anything, he was offering comfort and a kind heart to those around him. The actions by this student were neither disrespectful or intolerant. In fact, his actions were to the contrary.

This is just the most recent case in a line of instances where schools have infringed upon free speech. In fact, according to Fox News, just this past June, a California school sent a sheriff to the home of a seven year old boy and ordered the young child to stop sharing Bible verses with his classmates. This was not an intolerant child forcing his religion onto other students, just as the man praying at Clemson was not forcing his beliefs onto others. Both were simply offering love, comfort, and kindness to those who wanted it.

Some Americans have become so expressive about their desire to not offend, that they are no longer striving to uphold the constitution, but instead, striving solely to uphold people’s feelings. While it is completely necessary to be respectful to everyone, we must remember that by being respectful to everyone, we must also be respectful to Christians.

Martin Luther King Jr. once wrote, “There are two types of laws: there are just laws, and there are unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that “An unjust law is no law at all.””

I would add that it is not that we break unjust laws, but that we instead rid them from our society. If we are to be a just society, then we must stop the injustice that is happening at Clemson and other schools throughout the US. We need more people to stand up to unjust laws and rules — those that contradict the Constitution and conscience.

We are not making our nation any more tolerant by banning free speech. Instead, with the hopes of not offending others, we are fostering an environment of naivety towards other people’s cultures, and by doing so, creating an intolerant society.


One thought on “Man Praying Outside of ‘Free Speech Zone’ Forced to Leave Clemson University Campus

  1. By limiting all sorts of civil speech, these institutions are in effect an arm of the left-leaning Obama administration. It is an act against our Constitution and our allienable rights to live free and happy, when a group of elite individuals supresses our rights to free speech. Outrageous!


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