The Six Most Outrageous Parts of the DNC Platform

This election cycle has been, without a doubt, one of the most unpredictable ones we have had in modern U.S. history. But, with the drastic evolution of the election cycle, the political parties and their platforms have too evolved. While the media was quick to jump on the conservative qualities of the RNC’s platform, they breezed over the outrageous aspects of the DNC’s platform.

I’m not trying to start any fisticuffs, but here is my brouhaha to their absurd reactions based on their presumptions of religious liberties, the right to not kill babies, and the ever dangerous and racist environment. Note: The provided quotes are straight from the DNC platform.

  1. Freedom of Speech: (or lack thereof)

“While freedom of expression is a fundamental constitutional principle, we must condemn hate speech that creates a fertile climate for violence.”

Who defines such terms? Is hate speech any sort of speech that Hollywood and the mainstream media deem hateful? Because if so, we have to ban churches, preaching of the gospel, missionaries, conservative and religious institutions, pastors, and history and economics classes.

Also, do they consider the SPLC a group that they should condemn due to their hate speech that surrounds the inaccurate list of hate groups — a hate list that has proven to create a “fertile climate for violence”?

  1. A New Definition of the First Amendment Right to Freedom of Religion:

“We support a progressive vision of religious freedom that respects pluralism and rejects the misuse of religion to discriminate.”

Contrary to popular belief, it is discrimination to not allow people to practice their religious beliefs just because someone else doesn’t agree with them. Standing up for your personal convictions — including the most recent controversies surrounding bathrooms, wedding cakes, and marriage licenses — is not a “misuse of religion to discriminate” it’s the proper use of our first amendment right to freedom of religion.

  1. Efforts to promote Faith and Religious Organizations v. AmeriCorps v. Religious Rights of Native Prisoners:

“We believe in lifting up and valuing the good work of people of faith and religious organizations and finding ways to support that work where possible,” v. “We will support and strengthen AmeriCorps with the goal that every American who wants to participate in full-time national service will have the opportunity to do so,” v. We will, “protect the religious rights of Native prisoners.”

So when it comes to faith and religious organizations, the democrats will attempt to assist where possible, but non-religious service groups like AmeriCorps will have complete and full support? But no need to worry, support for religion isn’t all banished — if you’re a Native prisoner, your religious rights will be protected under democrat regime.

  1. Securing Environmental and Climate Justice (An actual heading in the platform — because we need to serve justice to the racist and threatening environment.)

“Simply put, this is environmental racism.”

“Climate change poses an urgent and severe threat to our national security…”

First, I never knew that when people said “the roots of racism” I should have taken them so literally. Also, with the environment and climate being both racist and a threat to our national security, I guess I should have given the environment and climate more credit in its abilities to do things.

  1. Abortion:  

“We will address the discrimination and barriers that inhibit meaningful access to reproductive health care services, including those based on gender, sexuality, race, income, disability, and other factors.”

According to the democrats, we need to serve justice for a racist environment, and everyone else who is racist… except for abortionists. It’s not the abortionists who are killing the babies based on sex and race that are sexist and racist — it is the Republicans who are preventing babies from being killed for the reason of sex and race that are sexist and racist.

  1. Free Things! (Along with free college, healthcare, and many other things.)

“We will fully fund the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE).” “We will work to fully fund the Indian Health Service, Tribal, and Urban Indian health care system.”

“Democrats will finish the job of connecting every household in America to high-speed broadband, increase internet adoption, and help hook up anchor institutions so they can offer free WiFi to the public.”

If only the economics of the left worked, no one would ever have to pay for anything under any circumstances (except for the rich, because somehow taxing them insane amounts will not lead to them moving out of the country or going broke, so they will always have money to give us). Also, under Hillary, there will be the extremely economically sound plans to not only provide free college and free health care, but also fully fund the Bureau of Indian Education, all of their health care services… and don’t forget the free internet for everyone!



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