An Open Letter to the Pro-Trump, Anti-Ryan Crowd

There are mainly two different types of Trump supporters. There are the reluctant Trump supporters who are voting mainly because “He’s better than Hillary,” or because of the Supreme Court. Then there are the cult-like Trump supporters who will defend Trump, even if he shot a man. While not every Trump supporter is a cult-like supporter, many of them agree that if you are a Republican, especially a government official, and you do not openly endorse Trump, then you are an awful human who isn’t a conservative and should lose your next election. Those are the people I am writing this letter to. Whether you are against Speaker Ryan, Gov. Hogan, or the entire Bush family, you may want to think hard about your reasoning before you rally against them.


Dear Pro-Trump, Anti-Ryan People,

I understand you are passionate. I too am passionate. I am passionate about standing up for life. I am passionate about fighting for religious liberty. And, I am passionate about creating a world where every person has the opportunity to embrace the freedom that our nation offers. But, when I go to the polls, I like to vote for someone because I trust that they will follow through with the conservative beliefs they claim to hold. I vote because that person has a solid record, and at times such is coupled with their opponent having a bad record. But, what I don’t ever want to do is not vote for someone because they didn’t completely endorse someone else.

When I was in elementary school, many friendships began and ended because someone befriended the wrong person or was not friends with the right person. I implore you to abstain from acting like a kindergartener. Please do not vote against someone for the sole reason that they don’t like your friend. Have a better reason.

Which of their policies that they have enacted or repealed – the thing they were elected to do – which one has caused you to not vote for them? For those against Hogan, are you against his efforts to fight gerrymandering, his repeal of the rain tax, or his cutting of toll prices throughout the state? For those against Ryan, are you against his efforts as Speaker to actually get things done, the way he ignored the theatrics of the democrats’ sit in, or would you just rather have Boehner back? If you have a legitimate reason against a candidate that relates to the job they were elected to do, then don’t vote for them. But if you are just being petty about someone not being friends with your friend, you might want to reconsider your impact on the future of our nation.

Also, please understand that just because there are many people fighting for conservative values, it doesn’t mean they all believe they should go about promoting them the same way. In fact, many of the Republicans who are not supporting Trump are claiming morals to be their reason to bow out instead of bow down. That does not make them any less of a conservative, as they are trying to accomplish the same conservative goals, just with a different method.

If you look at the church, we are given the same Bible. Different denominations differ on how to implement the things in the Bible, but we still work together because we have the same foundation for our actions. In politics, we have a reason for the party we align ourselves with. Many of times it is based on morals. There have been cases built, based on morals, both for and against Donald Trump. The point is, we may vote differently for the same exact premise. That doesn’t make one person wrong. It just makes them have a different perspective on the application of their morals.

Lastly, you are allowed to be angry and you are allowed to support whoever you want to support — this is America. But, I sincerely hope, as I do for the #NeverTrump voters, that your decisions to vote for a candidate are based on logic and morals, not intimidation of the cultural norm.

Vote your brain and your conscience, not your anger.



An American Voter



One thought on “An Open Letter to the Pro-Trump, Anti-Ryan Crowd

  1. It’s a nice sentiment, but you’re asking people to do what they don’t ordinarily do, to vote from intelligence rather than from emotional justifications. If you look at our past. clear back to Washington, 75% of the time whichever candidate is TALLER wins. Folks are supporting Trump because they think President “is a man’s job”, just as some support HRC merely because they “feel” women should have a turn. Many choose based on whether they are entertained by a candidate!


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