Is A Rock An Assault Weapon? These Millennials Think So

Millennials already have a bad rap for being lazy, entitled, and downright stupid– I mean, have you seen the Pokemon Go fad? A new man-on-the-street video from Young America’s Foundation won’t help that reputation.

YAF took to the streets of The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. to see how much Millennials know about assault weapons. Shocker, they know absolutely nothing.

A rock… seriously? It’s amazing that the people who want to ban everything they don’t like couldn’t care less about learning the facts.

Not a single person YAF interviewed could identify an assault weapon, but every one of them wanted to ban them.

It’s great to know a school that costs nearly $50,000 per year educates its students so thoroughly.


One thought on “Is A Rock An Assault Weapon? These Millennials Think So

  1. An assault weapon is really any weapon you use to assault someone with…it could be a catapult or a pointy stick.

    What most people would call a modern assault weapon started as a medium power round in a fully automatic or selective fire shoulder arm. See the StG-44 and AK-47. And these weapons have never been illegal – even during the vaunted Clinton gun ban, you just need to pay the government an extra tax to own one…same with silencers.

    The fact that these idiots have no idea what they are talking about is no surprise unfortunately.

    But in the civilian sense…a rock could indeed be an assault weapon. And more people are killed by hands than ‘assault weapons’.


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