The All Important Donald Trump Pivot

You know how the story goes. It starts with Donald Trump saying something outlandishly ridiculous about someone. Then, we hear pundits and his advisers quietly tell him to get back on message. After that, he has a “good week.” From there, we hear all the Trumpkins tell us “See! This is the pivot. He’s becoming ‘more presidential.'” However, just as we know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, we know Donald Trump will inevitably say something crazy and the cycle starts all over.

I’ve never bought into the Donald’s pivot. I, like many others, know Donald Trump doesn’t want to change. He wants to go out the same way he came in– riding his alt-right unicorn off into the sunset. That’s who he is and we should not expect anything different.

We know the pivot towards professionalism that warrants a presidential candidate will not happen. I’ll wear a Trump shirt when it does (aka it’s not gonna happen). What I didn’t expect is the pivot that only Jeb Bush and a handful of others knew would happen.

Donald Trump’s all important pivot isn’t a pivot at all. It’s a hop, skip, and jump to the center to grab voters. Truth be told, moving to the center isn’t bad. All presidential candidates eventually move to the center after their primaries to bring in NPAs and Independent voters.

Donald Trumps move to the center, however, is bad. Why? Because it abandons the only thing his core supporters ever cared about: immigration.

The border is an extremely complex issue. No one debates that. Immigration is the most important issue for a lot of Trump supporters. When Trump said there’s going to be a “deportation force,” his voters could only smile ear to ear. Their knight in shining American made armor was committed to deporting roughly 12 million illegal immigrants. For the longest time, he stood behind this stance. However, when time came to pivot, Trump’s campaign threw a deportation force right out the window.

Trump allies will say he’s not changing his message, but only his words. We know what this is. It’s a jump to the exact same position Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and many others took during the primaries.

Donald Trump has abandoned his most precious position and thrown it away. The most aggravating part? His supporters are still eating it up like a Trump taco bowl.

Donald Trump’s pivot isn’t a pivot at all. It’s an abandonment of the position he took during the primaries. This is only one of several flip-flops he has had since the primaries began.

This begs the question: Has Donald Trump given any indication he will follow through on anything he has promised?

I know it’s tough for Republicans to believe, but Donald Trump has no intention of winning. Trump’s only wish is to cover the airwaves long enough to start his own television network.


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