Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Visits Liberty University

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson visited Liberty University’s convocation Monday, where he discussed the state of our nation, politics, and personal success.

The former governor of New Mexico was introduced by Josh Rutledge, who is the Vice President of Spiritual Development.

Johnson discussed his achievements in the governor’s office, promising that they would extend to the Oval Office. He also discussed the national deficit, and advised students to avoid borrowing money if at all possible.

“I don’t think it’s constitutional to have a 20 trillion-dollar debt,” Johnson said. He also said that he has never “received a penny” from politics.

Johnson also discussed the rule of law in the country, criticizing the war on drugs. Johnson claimed that he was the only governor in office at the time that fully championed the fight for school choice and the end to the war on drugs. Johnson said that drugs are a “health issue,” not a “criminal justice issue.”

Johnson criticized Republican nominee Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall, saying, “let’s not build a wall across the border.”

Students were attentive and receptive, with a few even standing as the governor concluded his speech.

Johnson then answered questions asked by the student body. When asked how he would respond to someone who claimed that voting third-party would be a “throw away vote,” Johnson responded by suggesting that a person can only throw away their vote if they vote for someone they do not believe in.

“You change things by voting for someone who you believe in,” Johnson said.

Johnson was mostly well received by the student body, save for his discussion of his stance on abortion. Johnson defended his pro-choice stance, arguing that a woman had the right to choose without interference from the government.

Liberty students gave a standing ovation to David Nasser, the Senior Vice President of Spiritual Development, after he countered by saying that a woman’s right to choose includes a baby’s right to life.

Joshua Turbyfill, an Liberty University student voting for Johnson, told Red Millennial that he enjoyed the speech.

“I think Gary is the best because his tax and spending plan actually balances the budget, unlike Trump and Clinton. He wants to abolish the income tax and end the war on drugs which will also ease racial tensions in America. He also wants to reduce our involvement overseas which will lead to less conflict and trouble for us. I believe he is the candidate who most closely aligns with the constitution.” Turbyfill said that he was disappointed with Johnson’s comments on abortion and his stance on being against freedom of association, but was overall impressed with the speech.

Jordan Stein, another student, wasn’t as impressed. Stein tweeted, “I wish Johnson spoke on policy more than about himself.”

The last question was asked by the famously undecided voter Ken Bone, who made an appearance via video. Bone asked Johnson what his favorite part of the second presidential debate was, and Johnson responded by saying that he enjoyed the question asking the candidates what they admired most about one another.



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