MO Governor Jay Nixon Hints at Clinton Cabinet Role

Rumors are flying around Missouri as Governor Jay Nixon increases his travel logs. Governor Nixon has gradually been increasing his focus and travels to Missouri’s impact internationally, as well as increasing his role in Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites. Recent events show that he may be interested in being in Hillary Clinton’s cabinet, in the case she is elected in November. Outside of trying to champion agriculture and the environment, Nixon has the political ambition to consider it.

Nixon has often been previously viewed as a national rising star in the Democratic Party. He was born and raised in De Soto, Missouri, a small town where he resides to this day. He was a lawyer-turned-State Senator, serving two terms in the Missouri Senate starting in 1987. In 1988, he ran for US Senate, losing handily to incumbent Senator Jack Danforth. After his terms as State Senator, he would run for Attorney General of Missouri. While being the longest serving Attorney General at four terms, Nixon would try again for US Senate in 1998 against incumbent Senator Kit Bond, losing by a narrower margin than his last try. He would then look to a different office.

After her loss at the Governor’s Mansion in 2004, Claire McCaskill was contacted by Nixon, who told her he would be running for Governor in 2008. She outlines this in her book, Pretty Ladylike. While State Auditor-turned-Senator Claire McCaskill went to Washington, Attorney General Jay Nixon prepared to become Governor. He would win in 2008 and then be re-elected in 2012.

As Attorney General, Nixon touted his creation of the Environmental Protection Division, a series of lawyers whose specialty was protecting agricultural practices while cracking down on polluters. As Governor, Nixon has held trade missions to Cuba, Germany, Italy, and even Spain. He’s worked to capitalize Missouri agricultural products, sending 20 tons of rice from Missouri to Cuba as a result of the removed trade restrictions. Nixon has also signed legislation supporting farmers, authored by Republican General Assembly members. On the environmental front, Nixon has sent an environmental specialist to Florida to help clean up debris and aftermath of Hurricane Matthew and devoted state funds to help areas in the state affected by decades of lead mining. Nixon oversaw the completion of Echo Bluff State Park and has worked to create a very controversial new state park in southeast Missouri. Nixon also rolled out 100 Missouri Miles, a wellness program to get Missourians out into nature.

All of these successes suggests that Governor Nixon could be angling to become Secretary of Agriculture or Secretary of Interior in a Clinton Administration. Other picks may include but are not limited to, Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC), Elsa Murano, a former undersecretary of the USDA,  and Pat Mulroy, a Nevada environmental authority, all on President Obama’s short list of candidates in 2008 and 2012. Having considered a presidential run prior to Hillary’s decision to run, a twice-US Senate candidate, as well as being rumored to be an early Vice Presidential pick, Jay Nixon has steadily kept his eyes towards the nation’s capital. If Hillary Clinton is able to win 270 electoral votes in November, Mr. Nixon may go to Washington with her.



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