Limited Government isn’t a Republican v. Democrat Issue

After Donald Trump won the election, Democrats came out in support of limited government and the Bill of Rights. That’s great! But where have these Democrats been for the past eight years? The Left has been silent and turned a blind eye whenever President Obama supported legislation that infringes on civil liberties. From expanding the surveillance state to going to war without congressional approval, Obama has been anything but a Constitution-abiding Commander-in-Chief.

On the flip-side, now that Donald Trump is the president-elect, many Republicans are proving to have the same apathy towards Trump’s big government policies. Like stop-and-frisk, imprisoning flag burners, and allowing government to tamper in the markets by deciding which companies get tax breaks and which don’t. These same Republicans who held President Obama’s feet to the fire when it came to his expansion of the federal government have already started to make excuses as to why it’s okay for President-elect Trump to do the same.

Limited government should be supported by all who value the Constitution and our Bill of Rights that protect our personal liberties. If you wouldn’t be okay with a candidate whose policies you completely oppose to have a certain power, you should not be alright with a candidate whose policies you fully endorse having that power as well.

You have to be willing to take the bitter with the sweet. The candidates who share your philosophy and political viewpoint will not always win and, when they don’t, you better be ready for the next president to have the powers you supported your candidate having when they were president.

The President should have so little power that it doesn’t matter who they are. The Founding Fathers gave us a brilliant system of checks and balances to keep the president, or any other branch of government, from having too much power. However, when we play partisan politics, we harm our system and the American people. When we say, “It’s okay to allow the president to ignore the Constitution just this once to push our agenda,” we set a precedent to allow the next president to do so as well. This type of partisan politics is how we got into a situation where we allow the president to have powers that the Founders had no desire for the president to have. And powers the Constitution does not give to the president.

Our nation has gotten to the point to where we could not care less if the president pushes policies that will violate our rights, increase the debt, and drag us further away from the Constitution. If the president has the letter we prefer next to their name, most people will make excuses as to why it’s acceptable for them to do so. Instead, we should be bold enough to stand up to politicians, even the ones we voted for, and support limited government policies and the Constitution when they try to push big government, and unconstitutional, policies on us.

It is time we put dedication to our country in front of dedication to our party. I am not saying to ditch your party and become independent. I am saying bad policies are not unique to only one political party. We must be responsible and hold political parties, especially our own, accountable when they support said policies. We The People must defend the Constitution if we expect to continue to be a free nation. As Albert Einstein once said, “The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure.”



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