Tomi Lahren: Intellectual Lightweight

Unless you’ve been off the grid the past several days, you have probably seen stories about the fallout from Tomi Lahren’s comments on “The View,” especially describing herself as pro-choice.

Since the comments went viral at the end of last week, reports have come out that she has been suspended from The Blaze and her show on network has been pulled for the week.

Glenn Beck addressed her comments to start off the first hour of his radio show on Monday, his first show following the backlash from her comments.  However ,he would not publicly discuss her employment status or future with the company.

“We have a whole bunch of different kinds of people that work here. We started The Blaze with a show called “Real News”… and it was hosted by Amy Holmes, who was openly pro-choice,” Beck stated. “So if you are pro-choice, you can have a job at The Blaze. I don’t hire people who are sycophants or have my opinion. I try to hire people who have a different opinion, because I believe in being intellectually rigorous. I don’t want straw-men. I want people to make a real argument on the other side, so we can learn from each other and we can grow.”

He  continued to comment that the issue at hand is intellectually honesty, and not differing opinions.

Beck pointed out that she seemed to be very pro-life during a segment of her show on The Blaze, only a few months ago. He said, “For Tomi this seems to be a relatively recent change.”

This isn’t the first time Lahren has been at odds with leadership at The Blaze, as she was one of the few pro-Trump voices on the network leading up to the election. Even on election day, she continuously stood up to her fellow commentators believing they were condemning him before he even took office.

Also, last month rumors started that The Blaze was going to look for a way to boot her off the network, after Glenn Beck’s official Twitter account responded to a comment, “@glennbeck I really appreciate u leading the way for conservatives to stand up to Trump & Bannon but it has to start at home w/ @TomiLahren” by simply stating, “I know.”

To be honest, from my perspective this is long overdue.  In my opinion, someone like Tomi Lahren should never have had a platform in the first place. I greatly respect Beck’s sentiment to add in differing opinions to the voices at The Blaze. However, attributing the Lahren’s comments to a lack of intellectual honesty may not be entirely fair.

Watching her segments that gained her notoriety over social networks, it eventually became abundantly clear that Tomi Lahren had a complete lack of any philosophical foundation. Her emotionally charged rants served simply as fuel for the rage of those who disagreed with her opinions, and engaging in confirmation bias with those who agreed. Within these rants she would do what I call “speaking in bumper stickers” and appeared to have little depth to any of her opinions, portraying herself as a complete intellectual lightweight.

Although not every commentator needs to be (nor should be) a college professor or Rhode Scholar, speaking about quantitative easing, market interest rates, or Austrian business cycles. It would also be very dangerous if every commentator’s opinions were homogeneous. Diversity of opinions are what cause us to question our own beliefs in the search for truth.

It would also be wholly unfair to attribute someone’s opinion to what may have simply been a gaffe. However, it seems like a small task to consistently believe SOMETHING. And when you have a change of heart, that should be demonstrated, stated clearly and candidly, not just out of convenience when you are the guest on an antagonistic talk show.

The worst part are what I see in comments about Tomi Lahren’s age being the issue. At the age of 23, some think that it’s simply a result of the Millennial generation, all of whom will grow into their properly aligned opinions with time.

I couldn’t disagree with this more. There are plenty of Millennial’s who can be both entertaining and have depth to their beliefs. To fill Tomi’s role, I would like to see some of my favorite YouTube personalities: Julie Borowski, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro (perhaps less of a YouTube star), or Laura Meyers. Or maybe even someone from the staff of Red Millennial!

Recently, Glenn Beck acknowledged that it’s fair to say that hiring Tomi Lahren in the first place was a mistake. Beck Tweeted out a link to a piece at The Resurgent titled “This Tomi Lahren Experiment Was a Real Bad Idea” responding, “Peter Heck gives me no quarter and he shouldn’t.  This is how conservatives should behave. Bold & honest questions.”

Nobody is perfect, and certainly not every commentator. Hopefully, going forward this will serve as a lesson that sensational populist rants to and from susceptible people, is not the proper way to advance honest philosophical discourse.


2 thoughts on “Tomi Lahren: Intellectual Lightweight

  1. I totally agree. I watched a segment of her with Hannity on mediaite and when it was her turn to speak she just unleashed a pouty little indignant girl act, with a little emotional rant and a pout at the end. She is intellectually vapid and basically just a very pretty face who can read a teleprompter. She looks great on TV and has “presence” and so is great for ratings, but don’t look to her for any substance. As she ages, unfortunately, she will lose her marketability as she offers nothing but eye candy.

    Also, has anyone noticed how most of TV’s top presenters are “synthetic humans” and clones anyway? Look this up on YouTube and google it. This includes Ann Coulter — who is a tranny with an Adam’s apple and male brow ridge — and even Milo and Megyn Kelly, among others…The Trumps and Joel Osteen are synthetic, chipped clones, who spout propaganda to manipulate the masses, etc. These people look different with every appearance and A LOT different from who they used to be — with plastic looking skin, fake, plastic ear lobes, two front teeth which always looked bulked, the weird claw-like hands and “hitchhiker’s thumb,” the egg-white eyes and mechanical looking eyes — which double as camera lens so the controller can look through them.

    Weird stuff. I actually thought Tomi was one of these Illuminati/Jesuit lab-created clones…. She may be and may have been real at some point and may be still, but cloning is inevitable for the media types. Given that they have the “look,” and that she will do anything for fame/money, they should just clone her and download an intelligent, well read brain chip into that vapid head of hers.

    I don’t think she will do well as it’s so clear she is being promoted based upon her stereotypical, platinum, pouty blonde, party girl look and that she has no substance. Americans value promotion/success based upon ability and talent and she has none. She is reasonable well presented and speaks well, but has no depth, originality, uniqueness, or charisma. She is just a very average mentally, though someone who will no doubt move product showing what the wonders of make up and a stylist can do for one’s career and fortunes.

    She comes across as so self-impressed and is so vacant. I just don’t see any staying power. People lead busy lives. If they want to sit around and look at pretty women all day, there’s porn and then there’s real life. People watch the news to be educated…and she offers no valuable insight. How could she at age 23. She hasn’t lived and she hasn’t demonstrated any intellectual curiosity or desire to learn beyond presenting news.

    Geraldo and Hannity were condescending to her — she was just a random pretty girl getting her launch for being nothing but a pretty girl. She offers nothing…but will no doubt get lucrative speaking opportunities and book deals for the simple reason that she is on TV and looks good. Once her looks fade, and they will, she will lose what little draw she has. She is nothing but a space filler — and reflects the intellectual shallowness of Fox. Though, having said this, Hannity is high school drop out dry wall banger.

    She is just what the Fox News chiefs orders — a ready stupid propagandist who will say what she’s told, offer feigned outrage over liberal idiocy and make money and feed her narcissism in the process. Sad for the movement, but good for her. Being an empty suit bimbo worked for Ryan Seacrest…..and it worked for the Kardashians…and Hannity…It can work for Tomi Lahren too….She will always be seen as just a bimbo…and that is a tragedy…..Even in his 40s, Tucker, despite his degrees and “think tank” experience is also just an insipid, eternal adolescent light weight/bimbo.

    Too bad we don’t have mature, well read adults — more like William F. Buckley and Dinesh D’Souza who can offer rigorous, thought-provoking analysis and insight. Their success reflects that the public craves this…

    Megyn Kelly and Hillary Clinton, with her cackling, incompetent, vapid, powerful hungry, greedy nothingness, reflect that people want substance not platitude, spouting idiots.


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