Solar Eclipse and the Totality of God

You’ve just awoken from a coma you’ve been in since 2015.

You begin learning about the events that have occurred since you’ve been out.

Learning about the death of Harambe brings you to tears. You are blown away that Donald Trump is President. You are saddened watching fascists and communists fight about nothing, consuming all media coverage and attempting to bring the rest of Americans with them. Worst of all, you watch “Batman v Superman” and discover it is a piece of garbage.

One thing that doesn’t surprise you, unlike a large portion of your peers, is the solar eclipse today. The first total solar eclipse that has crossed the United States from coast to coast in 99 years.

You are lucky enough to be within the path of totality, the umbra shadow of the Moon as it passes between you and the Sun. You are in utter darkness and get to witness the beauty of the universe and creation. After the Sun returns, all your friends ask how you knew it was going to happen despite it only being in the news the last few months, while you were in a coma?


The events which took you by surprise would have required an infinite amount of information and knowledge about the various factors leading up to them in order to predict them. An amount of information and knowledge which no fallen human is capable of attaining. So you could never have predicted them.

The universe itself, however, behaves in a very predictable and consistent manner. So consistent, in fact, thousands of years ago, mankind began predicting solar eclipses and other events in the heavens with great accuracy. Centuries before telescopes, computers, or space travel, the laws of the universe remained the same.

This is because the first mover of the universe itself created a system which could be predicted. God is very consistent. And while we cannot know Him in totality, the way we can view the totality of the eclipse, we can trust that He will continue behaving predictably.

While the actions of humans are unpredictable on a micro-scale, and the various news headlines of the day are impossible to imagine, human nature itself is as predictable as the eclipse.

This allows us to draw certain conclusions that will always be true. The Moon predictably crosses the path of the Sun’s light as it crosses Earth. Two and two make fourHumans are meant to be free. Socialism will always fail. And God keeps His promises.

While none of us will ever have the knowledge necessary to predict the next headline, death of a celebrity, or political crisis, God does, and guides our hearts in the proper direction with His infinite knowledge.

As true as the motions of the planets in the sky, we can know that God is watching over us and will not fail in His plan to one day conquer all evil and bring us home.

Which bring us back to your friends asking how you predicted the event. You choose to have a little fun and tell them you are from the future, the year 2024, where a total eclipse will pass through America once again, and blow their minds.



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