Solar Eclipse and the Totality of God

You’ve just awoken from a coma you’ve been in since 2015. You begin learning about the events that have occurred since you’ve been out. Learning about the death of Harambe brings you to tears. You are blown away that Donald Trump is President. You are saddened watching fascists and communists fight about nothing, consuming all media coverage and attempting to bring the rest of Americans … Continue reading Solar Eclipse and the Totality of God

Tomi Lahren: Intellectual Lightweight

Unless you’ve been off the grid the past several days, you have probably seen stories about the fallout from Tomi Lahren’s comments on “The View,” especially describing herself as pro-choice. Since the comments went viral at the end of last week, reports have come out that she has been suspended from The Blaze and her show on network has been pulled for the week. Glenn … Continue reading Tomi Lahren: Intellectual Lightweight

Failures of Central Planning: California City, Calif.

The moral philosopher and political economist Adam Smith wrote in his work Theory of Moral Sentiments about a “man of system.” This conceited man believes in a plan for both government and society, and intends to enact it as if he were moving pieces on a chessboard. If only all of the pieces worked, acted, and moved as he demands, society would be perfect. The … Continue reading Failures of Central Planning: California City, Calif.

Kids These Days! (You’ll Understand When You’re Older)

If you are a Millennial with atypical opinions, like me, you have probably heard somewhere along the way, “Oh, you’re too young to understand.” Usually this is used when someone doesn’t have the facts or logic to win an argument, so instead they turn towards the arbitrary number of how many times they’ve orbited the sun. Experience is a very important thing when making informed … Continue reading Kids These Days! (You’ll Understand When You’re Older)

Government Regulation Run Rampant

Thank God for the government’s approval for my hairstylist when I go to the barbershop. Can you imagine the chaos and anarchy which would come from a world with no government requirements and fees before a stylist can begin work? Hair intended to be shoulder-length cut INCHES too short, mohawks cut too low, uneven layering! Thank God, in Arizona, when I needed my garage-door fixed, … Continue reading Government Regulation Run Rampant

The Beauty of Creative Destruction

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood economic concepts out there is “creative destruction.” The technical definition of the modern version of this concept is: Creative destruction refers to the incessant product and process innovation mechanism by which new production units replace outdated ones. This restructuring process permeates major aspects of macroeconomic performance, not only long-run growth but also economic fluctuations, structural adjustment and the functioning … Continue reading The Beauty of Creative Destruction

Salvation Won’t Come From Washington

The popular libertarian-leaning presidential candidate, Rand Paul, suspended his campaign recently. Just like his father before him, it was always a long-shot going against more mainstream, less ideologically fervent candidates. For many liberty-lovers who are dismayed at this, a reminder is needed that the fight for libertarian principles has been and still is a long-term fight. It doesn’t rest within one single candidate. Let’s say … Continue reading Salvation Won’t Come From Washington

The American Crisis

“These are the times that try men’s souls.” America is in trouble. No less now than 239 years ago, when the American Revolutionary War seemed all but lost, and the thirteen colonial states’ effort to separate from Great Britain seemed to be in vain. On Christmas Day of 1776, the Continental Army was sitting on the west side of the Delaware River, across from an … Continue reading The American Crisis