2018 Comes Early In Missouri

Missouri Republicans have a big issue on their hands- and it comes in the form of the 2018 United States Senate race. The race seemed to be shored up and settled before it even began, with a decided winner over a year ago. That all changed this month as Republican heavyweight Congresswoman Ann Wagner announced she would seek re-election and forego a run for the Senate. … Continue reading 2018 Comes Early In Missouri

It’s Time To Abandon Clickbait Conservatism

The recent events with the American Conservative Union revoking their invite Milo Yiannopoulos from the annual Conservative Political Action Conference has left conservatives and libertarians with a wide range of reactions. As conservatives, we have, in the past, supported policies and principles over personalities. Over the past year or so, we’ve lost our way. With the emergence of speakers and pundits like Milo and Tomi Lahren … Continue reading It’s Time To Abandon Clickbait Conservatism

MO Governor Jay Nixon Hints at Clinton Cabinet Role

Rumors are flying around Missouri as Governor Jay Nixon increases his travel logs. Governor Nixon has gradually been increasing his focus and travels to Missouri’s impact internationally, as well as increasing his role in Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites. Recent events show that he may be interested in being in Hillary Clinton’s cabinet, in the case she is elected in November. Outside of trying … Continue reading MO Governor Jay Nixon Hints at Clinton Cabinet Role

The Fallout Surrounding the ‘October Surprise’

Recent events surrounding the presidential election have made the “October surprise” crystal clear: in this election cycle, the Republican Party is a sinking ship, and only the Trump campaign and its supporters believe it’s a submarine. With the release of a 2005 audio tape, Donald’s character and campaign hit a new low, a bombshell event that even he cannot recover from. Even worse than the … Continue reading The Fallout Surrounding the ‘October Surprise’

Rebuilding the GOP

My father had just got home on June 15, 2015, and I had been working on starting a College Republicans chapter at Southeast Missouri State University. “Donald Trump announced he’s running for president,” he said. My response was a half-hearted laugh, knowing his candidacy would be a joke and last until August or so. After all, I was expecting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to runaway … Continue reading Rebuilding the GOP