Bright Spots in the GOP

On Twitter today, many people are stating that the GOP is dead. Is the party fractured because of the divide Trump has caused? Sure thing. I want to come to defense of the Republican Party though. We have Governors, Senators, and House Members fighting to make our country better, and have been successful in doing so. Here are a few brief bright spots within the Republican … Continue reading Bright Spots in the GOP

21st Century Problems – 21st Century Solutions

Over the past few days the Republican National Committee has been meeting to address the GOP Platform. To be honest, it has been disappointing. As a millennial I am proud to be a republican. However, I recognize an issue with our party, that being the failure to be the party of limited government, and failing to take our timeless principles and apply them to 21st century issues. … Continue reading 21st Century Problems – 21st Century Solutions

Prayer > Politics

At 10 pm yesterday, I got an alert from Fox News. There was a shooting in Dallas, and it was live. I instantly turned on the TV. In the last two days, two African American men– Alton Sterling and Philando Castile–  were shot and killed by police. This sparked outrage by many people– more black men had been killed by police. Yesterday, peaceful protests happened in throughout cities … Continue reading Prayer > Politics

Marco Rubio Should Run For Re-election

During the 2016 Presidential campaign trail, Marco Rubio made it clear that he was running for President, and would not be seeking re-election for his US-Senate seat in Florida. He’s said the statement, “I will be in the private sector in January 2017” a few thousands times. With Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, it has effected down ballot Republicans running re-election in the House … Continue reading Marco Rubio Should Run For Re-election

Nikki Haley 2020?

There is no question the Republican Party is fractured and in danger of losing the White House again. If Hillary Clinton does indeed win in 2016, Governor Nikki Haley should run in 2020. 1. Nikki Haley Embodies The American Dream- Haley’s parents are immigrants from India, who came to America seeking greater opportunity for their family. Her parents own a small business, and Haley helped … Continue reading Nikki Haley 2020?