Jack Kemp Conservatism

There are few things on Earth that I love more than politics…but there are some things. I love sports (stop laughing about being a “typical dude”). I’ll watch football, baseball, or softball all day long. I’ll even watch basketball, but only at the high school and college level. I love my favorite teams more than I love sports in general. I’ve always been an oddity … Continue reading Jack Kemp Conservatism

Weeping Through the Night

On days like today, you’ll see the best of humanity– the image of a Muslim woman shading the bowed head of a veteran with an American flag while he prayed in Dallas– and you’ll see the worst of humanity. Much of the worst of humanity can be found in your Facebook newsfeed. I see a lot of folks who consistently preach “personal responsibility” and rant continuously … Continue reading Weeping Through the Night

If You’re (Un)Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands

Each day brings a new controversy. Each day brings a new question. Each day brings a new suspicion. Each day brings a new reason to be disgusted with our (presumptive) choices in November 2016. Every time something happens with one of the candidates, the supporters from the other side flock to the television and radio, Facebook and Twitter, and even the family dinner table to … Continue reading If You’re (Un)Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands

Remember What’s Important on Independence Day

“The happy Union of these States is a wonder; their Constitution, a miracle; their example, the hope of Liberty throughout the world.” -President James Madison As we reflect on the 240th birthday of the United States, I stand in awe of her glory, wonder, and blessings. I marvel at her capacity to adapt and overcome. I am grateful for her tenacity, her diligence, and longevity. … Continue reading Remember What’s Important on Independence Day

A Cause and Candidate to Be Proud Of

As a new contributor, a lot of you probably don’t know my background. I have always loved politics and elections. I live for them. I’m a news junkie. I recently ran an unsuccessful campaign for the State House here in my home state of Georgia. I was up against a 6-term incumbent, one who was well known and well funded. It was my first official … Continue reading A Cause and Candidate to Be Proud Of

The Numbers Don’t Lie

I can’t imagine that even the most dedicated of my Trump Train friends can justify these FEC reports? Hillary Clinton lies. Donald Trump lies. The spin-masters that incessantly defend their candidates on television every night lie. The numbers, however, don’t lie; and for a man who claims to have a keen business acumen, I bet Mr. Trump wishes they did. Clinton campaign has $42 million … Continue reading The Numbers Don’t Lie

Riding the Bench

It’s easy to get disgusted and disappointed with this 2016 election cycle, especially as a young voter. The one silver lining? Barring some unforeseen apocalypstic end (or a Trump presidency filled with executive overreach, Constitution shredding, and election cancelling), we’ll still be around for 2020! We actually have a lot more to look forward to then. Unlike the Democratic Party, our benchwarmers are deep, talented, … Continue reading Riding the Bench