A Message from the Silent Generation: This Isn’t the Worst America has Faced

Across from the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. stands a memorial that exists to honor those who served during World War 2. Every time I pass the World War 2 memorial, I look in awe at the fountains and remember the person who helped create them: a father, grandparent, and a man who had three of his brothers serve during World War 2. He’s a … Continue reading A Message from the Silent Generation: This Isn’t the Worst America has Faced

Yes, It Really Happened: Trump Triumphs & Clinton Concedes

I’ve spent the last several days trying to take everything in. To say I was shocked at the election results on Tuesday night would be a gross understatement. Like the vast majority of the media, politicos and the country as a whole, I truly believed that Hillary Clinton would become the 45th president of the United States. Boy were we wrong. The results haven’t fully sunk … Continue reading Yes, It Really Happened: Trump Triumphs & Clinton Concedes

The Fallout Surrounding the ‘October Surprise’

Recent events surrounding the presidential election have made the “October surprise” crystal clear: in this election cycle, the Republican Party is a sinking ship, and only the Trump campaign and its supporters believe it’s a submarine. With the release of a 2005 audio tape, Donald’s character and campaign hit a new low, a bombshell event that even he cannot recover from. Even worse than the … Continue reading The Fallout Surrounding the ‘October Surprise’

An Open Letter to the Pro-Trump, Anti-Ryan Crowd

There are mainly two different types of Trump supporters. There are the reluctant Trump supporters who are voting mainly because “He’s better than Hillary,” or because of the Supreme Court. Then there are the cult-like Trump supporters who will defend Trump, even if he shot a man. While not every Trump supporter is a cult-like supporter, many of them agree that if you are a … Continue reading An Open Letter to the Pro-Trump, Anti-Ryan Crowd

The Numbers Don’t Lie

I can’t imagine that even the most dedicated of my Trump Train friends can justify these FEC reports? Hillary Clinton lies. Donald Trump lies. The spin-masters that incessantly defend their candidates on television every night lie. The numbers, however, don’t lie; and for a man who claims to have a keen business acumen, I bet Mr. Trump wishes they did. Clinton campaign has $42 million … Continue reading The Numbers Don’t Lie

Donald Trump’s 1984

Before Big Brother was synonymous with big, intrusive government, it was the name of the shadowy antagonist in George Orwell’s novel “1984.” The character, the leader of Oceania, is the origin for the term now in the political lexicon. “Nineteen Eighty Four” should probably be required reading in schools, though there is some sense of irony of the prophetic tale of government overreach finding its … Continue reading Donald Trump’s 1984

New Hampshire Primary Results

Continue to check back at Red Millennial for the latest New Hampshire primary results. 6:18 am Democratic: (93% in) Sanders: 60% Clinton: 38% Republican: (92% in) Trump: 35% Kasich: 16% Cruz: 12% Bush: 11% Rubio: 11% 9:32 pm Democratic: (31% in) Bernie: 59% Clinton: 39% Republicans: (34% in) Kasich is projected by FOX as finishing 2nd. Cruz, Bush, and Rubio are still fighting for 3rd … Continue reading New Hampshire Primary Results